Spring-like days

Ahh, the warmth of spring after chilly winters…glorious. Even the 55 degree days warrant trips anywhere outdoors. Not that we just struggle through winter or anything! I vowed not to complain about cold after living in Ohio. It is supposed to snow there this week! It’s mid March people! Oh no. I’m fine with our chilly winters that have random days of beauty. I will not complain. But who can blame a girl for jumping up and down when the temps raises a little? We have a few months now to enjoy the outdoors before the days of heat where you may as well just plunk yourself in your child’s little blow-up pool. Sorry kiddo…here’s the hose. 😉
So our first semi-warm-still-need-a-coat day we headed to the zoo with friends. The hubs was off the next day so guess what we did that day!? The zoo. Two words. Zoo. pass. 🙂


As miserable as he looks, he’s actually saying “cheese” and sort of smiling. And okay…that first day was still cold ish but it was lots of fun.
The second day we snagged an extra kid and him and Emerson had a great time…as did Adam and myself.


Adam made their lunches. CUTE.

Aren’t they just the cutest?:)

Thank you semi warm spring ish weather!

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