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Micah Moo…

You are two! Twenty-four whole months old and the absolutely, positively, most joyful and vibrant child I know! Thank God you are ours.☺️ 

This past year has been a fun one. You  just started to walk and we have been torturing you with pleading for months and months trying to get those cute little feet to step, step, step. We all knew you were just too content being held and crawling. You’re a smart one to soak up that baby phase… You do only get to experience it once after all. 

Speaking of being are the most affectionate child! In the grocery cart you give me constant hugs and sometimes just hold your arms around me the whole trip. I am not complaining…it’s perfect. You snuggle, nuzzle, smooch, and hold us as much as you can and we all take it joyfully. Well, E isn’t alllllways game but he’s coming around. πŸ˜‰ 

Food must be your love language even though I’ve never officially seen that as a love language. It’s got to be right now. We can’t drive by food establishments or walk by a picnic table without the saddest crocodile tears streaming down your face. Especially your beloved “alay” (CFA). Gotta eat that chicken. 

 You adore slides, Elmo, “Mick-Mouse”, Cookie Monster (which you’ll be for Halloween, any type of sports ball but specifically basketballs, books, answering the phone, animals, your daddy, milk, dancing, singing, being really happy loud, planes, trains, being upside down and climbing. 

You really don’t like people in masks. Tears. Or the word “no”. Tears. Being “left out”. TEARS. I promise if you ever do have asthma I’ll give you an inhaler..but for now I just cannot. Sorry moo-moo. 😒 

  If you can’t tell from some of the previous pics you definitely have some good Sauer sass in you. Knucks to you my boy. You looooooove to do what you shouldn’t and give us a perfect little smirk as you do. I say “us” but really it’s with me. You deeply enjoy our sassy banter.. But I do too and I love you for the ability to duplicate my expressions. 

There’s so much more we love about you but who has nine years to read it all. Bottom line, you’re pretty incredible and we are so lucky to be your mom and dad. 

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Summer lovin.


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Turning four:Cars style

if you have a boy you may know the back and forth of their favorite things…for us it’s a constant cycle of trains, planes, and Cars (the movie). As we approached a fourth birthday, E had three specifics we’d never experienced before…one was a theme, two was a “things I’m hoping for” list, and three was a request that we not invite a lot of people so he’s not overwhelmed (his words). Blue Mater was the requested theme…because you know, Mater is blue for all of four seconds in Cars so naturally that’s easy to find. πŸ˜‰ we settled on Lightning and Mater and he got a little surprise from my uber talented friend at the party.  

BLUE MATER. It may be a small cookie but it was a HUGE hit and has continued to be talked about. 

Several friends (that I’d already invited) couldn’t make the party so he was thrilled be the amount of people. It was a fun time and the best part is always that the family joins us too! 

I’ll upload more pics from the real camera later.. 

All in all it was a wonderful time. 


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Weekend to RememberΒ 

a couple of our super awesome friends allowed us to go to a marriage conference a couple weekends ago by taking our two littles in addition to theirs. We had so much fun and even whether marriage is going great or you’re in a slump, having a weekend away to really focus on each other is so good. We took away a deeper closeness and renewed devotion to trying to love each other in a Christ like way. Selfless love is hard, right!?

So here is a glimpse of our free time where we acted like children πŸ˜‰ 







 Share the love! 

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Tiny turtles and birdhouse builders

Our oldest is fast approaching four years old and he is a fascinated learner and creator…especially if that learning involves building or animals. Luckily in Arkansas you can find the second in your own backyard and his mom and dad are more than happy to build and create with him. As long as dad is building and mom is doing the paint type stuff. The other way around may not go so well. πŸ˜‰

A while back E declared he wanted a birdhouse and dad’s brain went crazy…HE could totally make a birdhouse AND teach E how. And at the hardware store it took me about 1.7 seconds to veer off to the paint and have E pick out the colors that we would paint with…:)

(the airplane shirt pic is a little glimpse of post nap E before the build….he takes a minute to revive)

IMG_9175 IMG_9177 IMG_9184 IMG_9189 IMG_9192 IMG_9201 IMG_9211 IMG_9218


Don’t you wish I would have thought to take a pic of the finished product? πŸ˜‰ It’s blue, green, and white and sits pretty in our backyard. I think that last pic of E and his daddy is wayyyyy better than the actual birdhouse. πŸ™‚

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Little fellas have lots of fun














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Bubs and Moo Moo












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visitor fun.

Way back in the hot days of summer we had the opportunity to have visitors in our house! It’s always fun to have an extra face or two…an extra play friend…someone to catch up with. It’s just fun and we wish we had these visitors here more often!

IMG_8847 IMG_8995 IMG_9013 IMG_9018 IMG_9055 IMG_9080 IMG_9096 IMG_9097 IMG_9150 IMG_9165IMG_8789

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It’s exciting to say happy tenth anniversary! I personally have been waiting for the double digits!;) we kept our celebration simple today but celebrated big in Chicago in October. The mr. Was also running his first marathon (Whoo!, you are amazing!) and so we decided to make a trip out of it.
Here’s the highlights via pics:)






Look at my running man!!!
We also had the privilege of seeing a couple of students from Ohio who are now in Chicago for college.




Oh, and we went with them to eat some fab pizza that I always miss immediately.
Then we got a little touristy and ventured out and about. We have come to realize we like a mixture of tourist and “locals” type of activity. So that’s what we did!












Happy ten years hubs! I love you always!

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Play play play

IMG_8973 IMG_8245 IMG_8272 IMG_8313 IMG_8318 IMG_8324 IMG_8342 IMG_8361 IMG_9033 IMG_9035 IMG_9037 IMG_9063 IMG_9065 IMG_9089 IMG_9092

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