Tiny turtles and birdhouse builders

Our oldest is fast approaching four years old and he is a fascinated learner and creator…especially if that learning involves building or animals. Luckily in Arkansas you can find the second in your own backyard and his mom and dad are more than happy to build and create with him. As long as dad is building and mom is doing the paint type stuff. The other way around may not go so well. πŸ˜‰

A while back E declared he wanted a birdhouse and dad’s brain went crazy…HE could totally make a birdhouse AND teach E how. And at the hardware store it took me about 1.7 seconds to veer off to the paint and have E pick out the colors that we would paint with…:)

(the airplane shirt pic is a little glimpse of post nap E before the build….he takes a minute to revive)

IMG_9175 IMG_9177 IMG_9184 IMG_9189 IMG_9192 IMG_9201 IMG_9211 IMG_9218


Don’t you wish I would have thought to take a pic of the finished product? πŸ˜‰ It’s blue, green, and white and sits pretty in our backyard. I think that last pic of E and his daddy is wayyyyy better than the actual birdhouse. πŸ™‚

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It’s exciting to say happy tenth anniversary! I personally have been waiting for the double digits!;) we kept our celebration simple today but celebrated big in Chicago in October. The mr. Was also running his first marathon (Whoo!, you are amazing!) and so we decided to make a trip out of it.
Here’s the highlights via pics:)






Look at my running man!!!
We also had the privilege of seeing a couple of students from Ohio who are now in Chicago for college.




Oh, and we went with them to eat some fab pizza that I always miss immediately.
Then we got a little touristy and ventured out and about. We have come to realize we like a mixture of tourist and “locals” type of activity. So that’s what we did!












Happy ten years hubs! I love you always!

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Let there be bowling.

About, ohhhh…6 months ago we had a little guy turn THREE! We were at the beach at the time with our student ministry so we partied hard when we got back with a wild and crazy bowling party. 17 two, three, and four year olds bowling…just imagine. There were some pro-bowling futures started that day. We also had a really fun time. Here’s a glimpse of all the party fun!

IMG_8973 IMG_8964 IMG_8960 IMG_8950 IMG_8946 IMG_8941 IMG_8937 IMG_8926 IMG_8898 IMG_8899 IMG_8900 IMG_8908 IMG_8909 IMG_8910 IMG_8917 IMG_8921 IMG_8924 IMG_8896 IMG_8891 IMG_8878 IMG_8877 IMG_8873 IMG_8870 IMG_8869 IMG_8868 IMG_8862

The day before the big bowling bash we were lucky enough to have all the family come visit and we had a fun time celebrating E at the new Planes:Fire and Rescue movie. E is precious. Any movie that is even a tad scary or mean is not okay with him. He LOVES the Planes “stuff”, but has reminded me many times that he did not like that movie because it was scary. Sweet, sweet boy. πŸ™‚

IMG_8770 - Copy IMG_8780 - Copy IMG_8798 - Copy IMG_8800 - Copy IMG_8803 - Copy IMG_8815 - Copy IMG_8818 - Copy IMG_8821 - Copy IMG_8825 - Copy IMG_8830 - Copy IMG_8838 - Copy IMG_8844 IMG_8849 IMG_8853

I’d say we celebrated well this year. πŸ˜‰

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Hi my sweet seven month old!
There is so much to catch up on and somehow I am speechless every time I try to sit and talk about all you are doing!
Just this week you are definitely getting some teeth on bottom! Drool everywhere, every thing in reach being chewed. Teeth are coming and yet somehow you are your ahoy go lucky self through it all! Not that I’m too surprised. πŸ™‚
You’ve been sitting well for a couple months but are now starting to really play with toys while you sit. Your favorite thing is still the door jumper. You are a door jumping fool. And you still jump if you fall asleep. Crazy cute.
You have grown to a whopping 21.7 pounds and over 28 inches. You’re starting to even out in body size but that noggin of yours is still growing full force. I find your head to be scrumptious, M. So adorable!





To this day you rarely cry, and are just all smiles most all of the time. When new people talk to you, you shoot a glance my way as if to ask if they are safe. Then you’ll smile at them.
You love your reflection and your hands. I catch you continuously making shapes with your hands. πŸ™‚
You’ve been eating up various veggies and even a couple of fruits no problem. I’d guess your fave is carrots or apples.
This week you’ve begun to push up on your legs and I know you are dying to chase down bubber who just wizzes by oh so quickly!





We’ve spent a large chunk of time at the pool lately and you are a fan!
Each and every day with you is so fun! I love that you are our second born! I love you too much for words!
Always and Forever,

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A little summer catch up

Summer has begun, and all things good and warm and leisurely are in full swing.
The top to do’s for every summer:
Find places to pick berries or fruit of any kind and head there for wayyy too many of something.
Take at least one road trip.
Make and eat a gazillion popsicles.
Have visits from all the grands.
Celebrate E’s bday.
Grill a lot and go to the pool some more.

That’s about it, aside from our normal daily activities. We LOVE it.
So far we have crossed a few things off our list and are quickly working on the rest.
Strawberry picking with our neighbors was our first big outing and oh boy were those berries delicious. So delicious Emerson had an “uck tummy” on the way home. Apparently we do have a berry limit.







We also saw quite a few planes, which always makes the day better.;) after picking we came home and had a picnic with the boys next door…I must say that Micah may grow up thinking he has three brothers bc these boys are just so sweet with him!
That same week we went to a local mountain (it’s a stretch to call it that) and had the final FSM before summer officially kicked off.







I saw some small group girls, E and his little friend got soccer coaching from their dads, M chilled, E chose new adult friends, fun was had.:)
I am grateful for the wonderful first few weeks of summer, the great weather and people to share it with.





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Life is sweet: friends and family

So I beat my husband in the March Madness brackets…that’s a win;) His mom beat everyone and that was pretty cool too. Considering the trash talk happening from male mouths;)
I love this time of year when we start doing more with friends, family comes to visit, and hello! There is sunshine! Hallelujah people. I thought I might wither away with the grass this year.
Before it fully warmed up, a sweet friend and I had a joint garage sale…aka talk time for friends (that’s my take anyway) with a monetary bonus. It was fun and we apparently both got the uniform memo.

Cha-Ching! Ha
My fam came for a quick visit and I tried to parent and cherish precious time with them..especially my brother. I miss that kid, like daily.




Men conversations are always entertaining to me (which is maybe why I took this pic?)
Wayyyy back in the cold days I got to attend the lovely Jenn Hatmaker conference with my d group and then have a fun sleepover with some other gals and hang with them on day 2. Aside from the conference being a wrapped up with a pretty bow version of like, everything God has been putting on my heart lately..the time with friends was refreshing.



I also got to watch as this sweet girl above talked about her new Blue Door Ministries with a friend she went to Africa with. “A” is in my 9th grade small group y’all. And she’s helping lead a bunch of women into a better understanding of the passion for children God has given her as she bravely asks for people to sponsor them. She’s a cool cat;)
A couple of nights ago our adult Dgroup took ourselves and our kids (18 in all…cue the shenanigans) to dinner and had a great time. I am blessed to call these peeps friends.

I’ve probably said this before but I never would’ve guess that the state that we put on our “we would never live there” list (touchΓ© God)…would bring us so many wonderful people.
Life is good.:)

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Our house of yummy.

Target…the most wonderful getaway for a mom during the day (pretzel for him, latte for me..anddddd….browse), in addition to CFA and the zoo. So back to target…they now have the beautiful “cartwheel” app making it even more fun to go! So one day we used our app and purchased our very first gingerbread house! I was SO excited to bust this thing out with E.
And then we forgot.
Christmas passed and the poor house just sat in the box on a shelf.
Then we all got sick.
And then we all got better.
And then we all got the flu.
And THEN, after days inside going CRAZY I found the house!
Let’s bust this thing out!
So we got the house out.
In my dreams we would make a beautiful, fun house. Emerson would love to decorate it. Movie type memories, right.
Ummm, your kiddo is two. TWO.
And insanely hyper from being inside sick.
Sweet boy got one lick of that frosting and HOLY bananas…it.was.on.



Before the taste…
And then (this pic is blurry but..) the house fell and the first eye opening taste of icing hit his mouth.


He was done.

So I gave in and we ate our flu cookies.
Best flu cookies ever.



So much better than building a house!

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We are celebrating over here!

Today I got home from shopping for my birthday thinking “yay, I am excited for my bday tomorrow!”…And then I get home and BAM! Adam tells me that The judge signed the paperwork to make Micah an official Member of our family. He’s last name legit! Who cares about tomorrow! THIS is worth a celebration!!! Micah is mine and ya can’t take him back!;) not that I thought any different before but now it’s official! Did I mention it’s official!?
I’m pumped.



There he is! OUR SON.
Thank you Jesus.

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Micah’s story,part 1:the call

Micah came into this world almost a month ago but his story began before the day we laid eyes on our new son.

While I don’t feel it appropriate to share everything, I do want to share some of how God placed him with us.

On April 26th, we attended our first adoption meeting and on October 22nd Michah Nicholas came into this world and into our family. It blows me away to think that the day Adam and I sat to listen to the adoption process in a meeting, God was already molding our sweet boy in his birth mommy’s tummy. Β And He was molding our hearts to be ready to meet him not too long after. That day we felt like we’d already been waiting forever but God had gone before us as He always does and knew that the waiting would bring the perfect child into our family. Thank you God for knowing what we don’t.

About a month before Micah was born I was really struggling with when we would have another baby. I was wondering why God wanted us to wait. I was sad to keep waiting. But God was preparing me.

On a Thursday in October I ran 10 miles. At least 8 of those were spent telling God all of my fears and releasing my will to His. I know that sounds crazy to some, but it was amazingly freeing to leave that run with a changed heart and having told God that I’d wait a year…I’d wait two or however long for another child. I wouldn’t keep being sad but in the meantime I’d cherish my son and husband. I finished that run knowing I would be clinging to the Lord and that I’d be just fine.

The next day I went to the dentist and as a friend who had adopted cleaned my teeth (weird, I know), she told me all about their adoption and about the waiting and asked me questions. As I listened I processed so many things about what I’d expected and how God just does His own thing and doesn’t leave us without peace. It was finally fun to hear someone else’s story.

I got home that afternoon and saw I had missed a call. It was the call we’d been waiting for…so we thought. A mom having a girl had chosen us! She wanted to meet with us that following Wednesday! We were thrilled and nervous. After meeting with her though we had an uneasy feeling about the situation. Remember how God always provides peace? The next day we talked to Jana (our adoption specialist) and she understood our concerns. We really didn’t know where to go from there. Do we reject what God had seemingly placed in our hands? Certainly not right? Well, about an hour later we got another call from J saying something very unexpected (Adam got this call). This doesn’t normally happen, but the people in the Bethany office (our agency) felt like the holy spirit was prompting them to give us an opportunity to show our book to another mom. What?. The mom would be looking at book THAT DAY. What?.

I’ll just be honest, I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t even make an decision. I knew any decision I chose would be purely one from a heightened emotional state and I’d question if it was right. I was so thankful to have a Godly, spiritual leader for my husband in that moment. I knew I could give it over to him and he’d make a decision that was best. So Adam chose to show her our profile book. Funny thing though…they didn’t take our book to show (the profile books are the books you spend weeks making…pouring over the perfect pictures and telling the perfect story of your family to show to birth mothers). So this mom looked at four beautiful books of other couples. And after looking at these books (with stories and pictures) was shown a picture of us on a cell phone. Sigh…who would choose that over those books? Well…She said “that mom (me) has a sparkle and I want them to raise my baby”.

God goes before us. He tramples reason.

What?!? (PS allllll of this happened while Adam was out of town) I was at lunch while we waited to see if she chose us with Adam’s co-workers and on the drive there my only words were. “OH MY GOSH” I road with a friend who thankfully I could tell our story to and repeat that phrase to repeatedly.

I had asked God to made it abundantly clear where He was leading and He did. And the next part was that this baby BOY could be born at any moment! WHAT?!?? YAYYYYY!!!!

For the moment all we knew was he was healthy, big, and coming at any time. Β So we set up places for Emerson and we waited….


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5 minutes later..

So we finally got to share our baby boy Micah news this week! It’s been quite a whirlwind and it all happened really, really fast….but we are adjusting to two little boys and loving every second. The visits and meals and thoughtful things our friends have done has made this transition all the more special, not to mention easier! We are so thankful!

That’s not to say every second is calm and peaceful! About 5 minutes after we posted our announcement the other day, THIS is what our home actually looked like..


Oh sweet reality. Two boys crying and one bewildered looking man.

Bless them.

One of them is oh but 7 days old and the other just got put on a steroid medication this week for asthma that has turned his sweet two year old world into…well the above picture describes his all the time state of mind pretty well. I really feel for him. Trying to adjust to a new baby and being put on medicine that makes you feel crazy cannot be easy.

He does have sweet sweet moments too. He is Emerson after all, and Emerson is very sweet.

We’ve been doing our best to love on each boy equally, which is interesting when one screams “cuddle me” and the other screams “activity!”.

We really are soaking in these first days at home and loving these boys we are blessed to parent.

Can I share a few pics with you!!?


Daddy's first time to meet Micah!

Daddy’s first time to meet Micah!


I got REALLLLY crazy excited :)

I got REALLLLY crazy excited πŸ™‚




Here's the big bro!! Don't worry, he's wearing undies ;)

Here’s the big bro!! Don’t worry, he’s wearing undies πŸ˜‰

IMG_7097 IMG_7100

sweet heart is bursting

sweet brothers…my heart is bursting

IMG_7116 IMG_7120 IMG_7129 IMG_7134 IMG_7142

Micah boy

Micah boy

Happy Wednesday!! πŸ™‚

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