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Life is sweet: friends and family

So I beat my husband in the March Madness brackets…that’s a win;) His mom beat everyone and that was pretty cool too. Considering the trash talk happening from male mouths;)
I love this time of year when we start doing more with friends, family comes to visit, and hello! There is sunshine! Hallelujah people. I thought I might wither away with the grass this year.
Before it fully warmed up, a sweet friend and I had a joint garage sale…aka talk time for friends (that’s my take anyway) with a monetary bonus. It was fun and we apparently both got the uniform memo.

Cha-Ching! Ha
My fam came for a quick visit and I tried to parent and cherish precious time with them..especially my brother. I miss that kid, like daily.




Men conversations are always entertaining to me (which is maybe why I took this pic?)
Wayyyy back in the cold days I got to attend the lovely Jenn Hatmaker conference with my d group and then have a fun sleepover with some other gals and hang with them on day 2. Aside from the conference being a wrapped up with a pretty bow version of like, everything God has been putting on my heart lately..the time with friends was refreshing.



I also got to watch as this sweet girl above talked about her new Blue Door Ministries with a friend she went to Africa with. “A” is in my 9th grade small group y’all. And she’s helping lead a bunch of women into a better understanding of the passion for children God has given her as she bravely asks for people to sponsor them. She’s a cool cat;)
A couple of nights ago our adult Dgroup took ourselves and our kids (18 in all…cue the shenanigans) to dinner and had a great time. I am blessed to call these peeps friends.

I’ve probably said this before but I never would’ve guess that the state that we put on our “we would never live there” list (touchΓ© God)…would bring us so many wonderful people.
Life is good.:)

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on being thankful: friendship edition

I probably won’t do all of the thankful posts like so many other dedicated bloggers but lately I’ve had one thing I’m especially thankful for on my mind a lot.


Back where we are from in good old OK, friendship looked like this…You grow up with people and over long periods of time develop close freindships. In school a lot of friendship is based on who you have fun with but as time goes on and we all change you decided if you can maintain Β those “best friends forever”. It’s been a really really long time now since my friends and I have resembled each other like we did in high school. We are on different hemispheres in lifestyle, kids, activities…etc. But one thing remains the same…no matter the time or distance I have those loyal friends who have never left my side. I know it’s not because they always understand me but because I got the good pick of friends. I am so thankful for the awesome memories we have and for the vibrance they continue to add to my life.

I also have a few “soulmate” friends back home that read me like their own book. They know me and I know them and we share Β so many things in common that friendship flows forth naturally. But even still, it’s hard to maintain that when people move from the state. I’m so thankful for continued effort. And thankful that in really hard times, all of my support system back home is just a phone call or text away. Because at the end of a hard day, you just need those people you don’t have to explain everything to, but they know anyway.

Then there’s my beautiful friend since nearly birth. We have seen each other’s lives. The ups and downs, the fun, the boring. We drifted and reconnected. We have hurt each others feelings. We have seen the beautiful and the really ugly in each other. And we are still friends. And I love her with all my heart. Her friendship could never be replaced. She’s the godmother to my children. She is priceless and I’m grateful everyday I get to watch her family grow from afar.

Friendship that is still growing…and at a distance. While moving around I’ve met a couple of amazing girlfriends that I will never feel like I got quite enough time in the same state with. We had no walls up, we had no expectations of who the other had to be. We did have family dynamic, fun, and Jesus in common. A couple of them came into my life at a time when all I could ask God for was friendship, and he provided. In a new state I was not used to feeling alone or not having plans or someone to just sit with and talk about nothing. These girls came into that gap. I’ll go out of the state to see these girls. I hope our friendships grow forever.

Lastly, my current circle of girls…my current circle of support and “let’s do life together” friends. I never thought in AR that I’d be blessed with friends I could literally spend each day around. It’s taken some time but the girls I call my friends here are genuine, they are nice, they are thoughtful, and fun. They are friends I’ll be sad to leave if we move again. We are getting to see each other’s kids grow and play, we are connecting as families. We aren’t all exactly the same and I think our uniqueness makes our friendships all the more special and sincere. I am SO thankful for this friendship phase! SO SO THANKFUL!

I know out of all things to be thankful for this year, friendship seems silly. I don’t know why but God created a deep desire in me to really know others and to really be known. Surface level doesn’t cut it for me and I long to connect with people. So friendship is big for me!!
If you’re my friend, thanks for being in my life! I’m so glad you are!;)

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Peach pickin’


Sweet juicy peaches.

Perfect for smoothies, grilling, cobbler, jam….yummm. And perfect for pickin’.

We are so lucky to be next door neighbors with a sweet family with two boys, one pretty close to Emerson’s age. So we decided to venture out to the peach orchard together!

Let me tell you the highlights of the trip:

The drive was fun and the kids were entertained getting to sit next to each other so we had some time to chat as mommy friends. Always fun. πŸ™‚

Both boys ate peaches until they were filled to the brim…then they got in the car and had snacks. Boys.

We got some sweet pics of the boys while they could just play. Places where boys can run and be a little wild are just the best!

It was a beautiful day! Perfect really.

A few times I looked at Emerson and realized he was finishing off a peach. But….don’t peaches have pits? Maybe these were magical pitless peaches. Or maybe….?

IMG_6443 IMG_6451 IMG_6458 IMG_6461 IMG_6465 IMG_6477 IMG_6490 IMG_6492 IMG_6498 IMG_6501 IMG_6505



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E-phants at the zoo

Praise the sweet Lord we had a warm enough day to go outside and do something fun! As soon as I heard 70 degrees I knew we were headed to the zoo!
It raised quite the excitement now that Emerson can identify several zoo animals along with their “noise”…even a couple I had no idea he knew! Nice to know that he goes somewhere else and is being taught there too! Yay!
Okay so the BIG must see for him was the e-phant (I’m hoping you can figure that out). We got there a little before our friends and journeyed right to the elephant and just stared…in awe. After that he said e-phant? off and onfor about the entire trip.
Ooohhhh I’ve been waiting with sweet anticipation for the day he’d actually realize where we were and that we didn’t drive to 20 minutes to go for a walk! He noticed so many of the animals and it was cute cute CUTE to see his excitement. I LOVE being this boys momma! Emerson also walked around the zoo for the first time and did a super job following the bigger kids lead. What a champ!

This happened with zero prompting. He saw the whole and well…what else would go there!?



If you can’t tell (which you can’t from his very serious faces in pics), there was much excitement on this zoo day. πŸ˜‰

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Bringing this blog into the new year. Part 1

It’s been one heck if a month. I mean wow.
We had several Christmas parties hosted at our house which was so fun. A few elsewhere and a few guests sprinkled in between. A little Christmas chaos never hurt anyone. It was actually pretty fun!





I’m not a giant fan of either of those last two pics but it should be documented that I wore a dress and Adam a tux. Also, well I think that last pic is just hilarious. I wasn’t dancing, I wasn’t in a bar fight…I don’t really have a clue what WAS happening. Ahh well. πŸ™‚
A few friends and I got together and made t shirts for the kids. I got one pic of Emerson in it. With a jacket covering most of it. At least the making of the shirt was fun.


Christmas came, we celebrated the birth of Jesus with some friends. Meanwhile the great snow of 2012 began and took all of the power with it. Funny enough the friends who had us over for Christmas dinner welcomed us back two days later and we hung out with them until the seven days without power at our house ended. What a blessing because it was COLD. Real cold. We ended up bringing in the new year and my big 3-0 with them and it was great.

(More snow pics to come)



2012 was a pretty great year. Made some great friends and had some great fun. πŸ™‚

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Hunting down a Christmas tree

Apparently I forgot to publish a couple of posts…lets for back about a month..:)

Since the vows Adam and I have always opted for an artificial tree. I’m not sure we’ve ever had a full size one but we have done several tabletops and one propped up by a box on one side because the leg broke and we were also…broke. πŸ˜‰ Adam has mentioned through the years his longing for a real, beastly tree in all of its evergreen smelling glory. This year was it! We went with some sweet friends and their youngster to find and cut down our perfect tree. Honestly we asked if someone could cut it for us and the reply that “eight years olds do this” got us in the sawing spirit.
We hunted and hunted and hunted some more. Then we decided to go look down the way and took a fun wagon ride together. It was such a fun memory together to find a tree cut it down, swing, watch some piglets race, and ride on a wagon! Finally we did find a tree and Adam cut it down (in about 23 seconds). It’s not beastly, but its perfect!



Oh the excitement of the pig race!!!


Mommy did not get the “look at the camera and don’t close your eyes” memo πŸ™‚

Look at that lumberjack! πŸ˜‰

So glad there are fun things like this to go do and make sweet memories.

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A snapshot(s) of our week

There is something (every single thing) I love about fall. Have I mentioned that much? πŸ˜‰ yes. I’m a fall-aholic and I’m not ashamed.
This week felt the most “fall” thus far. Adam and I took Emerson with us on one of our traditional “drive around just to drive around”..drives and went thru a beautiful little area that was just trees covering the road from both sides and beginning to turn those just gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows. Yummy. I’d rarely put those inside my home (although the hall bath is a random burst of fall) but outside? Yes please! Okay so pretty drive, I’ll stop with that. πŸ™‚
Emerson played outside in a hoodie (love them, could maybe live in them) several times and gathered some leaves. He thought that was pretty special. He is getting so good at running and throwing his little ball down the hill just laughing away as mom or dad run to get it and throw it back. Cuteness. πŸ™‚
We had a fun girls night out (first since moving here, long time coming, hallelujah) with the ladies from our community (d) group. Our group is new and its really fun getting to know everyone. We took a pic and contemplated retaking it but thought it’d be fun to look back on and see how we’ve grown closer since that first night out (as we are sitting a weee bit apart). It really was fun though and I’m so enjoying these couples God has placed us with.


Emerson had his little friend over and they had a great time. They dressed up as Superman and Captain America (their request of course) πŸ˜‰ and saved the world and wrestled a little. They had fun and its really sweet to see them to begin playing together and not just beside each other!




Oh little boys wrestling…I was glad Emerson didn’t cry and was actually laughing! Doesn’t always happen that way. πŸ˜‰
Emerson got put in time out for yet again getting on the fireplace. Put it on Facebook, the whole world thought it was sad. Mommy loves it. No lie I do not mind the short lived tears because we have gone from 300 times a day saying “no no…walk away..” or some other redirection that doesn’t work to no more than four times. Yes twice a day (maybe once now and sometimes none) he goes a climbing and I remove him and say “walk away. If you get on the fireplace again you’ll go to time out”. Emerson looks at the corner, says no no and then either walks away or decide to see how serious I am. Then we are done. Love.

Today we went to the zoo for a quick outing (if you know our zoo you know this is very possible) and here is all Emerson saw. One giraffe and whatever these are…

Where have all of the animals gone? Not to the zoo. πŸ™‚ we still had a great time and the zoo placed many many “balls” around for Emerson’s enjoyment (I think the lack of animals went unnoticed to him, he had a great time).

“Ball” πŸ™‚

That’s what we call precious. Love father son moments.
Mommy made a couple crafts, went shopping with a sweet friend, and we mostly enjoyed family time.
Great week all in all. I really want to rhyme that with fall. πŸ˜‰

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friends, fun, and firsts

There is many a day when I greatly miss my friends…greatly. A few weeks ago I was really having one of those days that I just wanted to see one of the handful of ladies that I will always cherish as my friends. Lucky for me the very next day we were headed to the lake with one of those girls and her family…AND her baby belly due to pop soon! πŸ˜‰ Love baby bellies. πŸ™‚

We talked, ate, drank (water and blue Gatorade), swam, napped, took the Sea-d00’s ( I’m too lazy to spell check that) out….we had fun.

Emerson took his first ride between mom and dad on the SD and fell asleep each time. I was thrilled at how relaxed he was on the thing until I lifted up his hat and realized he was in a deeper sleep than I had ever seen him! Geezz…silly boy! Emerson met a sweet new friend (our friends little boy) and they played with trucks for hours. We also swam a little in the lake which he loved, he slept awesome, and mommy even got to float out on a raft type thing ALL BY MYSELF for about an hour. I contemplated letting myself fall asleep until I wondered if I would drown if I rolled off…that thought woke me up. Daddy got to have some crazy SD time with his friend going fast and turning circles or whatever guys love to do on those things. πŸ˜‰

The weekend was a blast, but most of all it was just SO nice to spend extended time with a friend I miss so often and our families.






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Spring Break Shenanigans!

I’m a bit behind with these and we technically don’t really have a spring break, being a baby and all but we still had some spring break fun!

Emerson played with some new play mates…he is very eager to be up up and walking around with the rest of the “babies”.

Having a blast watching the older kids play!

Daddy came to the store with us…enough said. πŸ˜‰

awww…sharing babies.

going for a walk with our buddies!

Then Emerson rescued a blurry puppy.

and sported his shades…

It was one fun spring break!


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My own kind of high.

I don’t need drugs people.

I need a craft.

I want them.

I crave them.

And this past weekend (actually 2 weekends ago now), I was on a big craft high. It was wonderful.

I have a friend who has a blog that has a tutorial for how to applique a shirt. HOW did I never do this before? Might be a new favorite hobby (thanks Mandy). I made three shirts to start off and I’m sure I’m so nerdy/ridiculous to Adam. I’m like “LOOK! It’s so awesome! AND I made this one! And this one! And oh my gosh I can’t wait to make this one!” I’m way to excited. Geezz…

I also decided our front door looked a Β little bland…all green and apartment-ish looking. So I decided to make a Valentines wreath.

I also have a friend who was having her one year olds b-day party and I was thrilled to get to make the cake and cupcakes! I was kind of on top of the world at that moment. Β I have said before that I plan to finish my cake decorating classes but I just haven’t gotten around to it SO…I was super excited to get to make a cake. It’s not perfect (which is hard for me) but it was so fun to make! It was also a bit messy which makes it even better. πŸ™‚ Emerson is seriously going to love baking with me.

Birthday boy was a fan of the cake. And oh-so adorable having his first taste of the sweet life.

Emerson was a big fan of the balloons.


In between all of this craftiness I hung out with the boys at home. The birthday party was incorporated into the superbowl which was a GRAND idea and so much fun.



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