Hi my sweet seven month old!
There is so much to catch up on and somehow I am speechless every time I try to sit and talk about all you are doing!
Just this week you are definitely getting some teeth on bottom! Drool everywhere, every thing in reach being chewed. Teeth are coming and yet somehow you are your ahoy go lucky self through it all! Not that I’m too surprised. 🙂
You’ve been sitting well for a couple months but are now starting to really play with toys while you sit. Your favorite thing is still the door jumper. You are a door jumping fool. And you still jump if you fall asleep. Crazy cute.
You have grown to a whopping 21.7 pounds and over 28 inches. You’re starting to even out in body size but that noggin of yours is still growing full force. I find your head to be scrumptious, M. So adorable!





To this day you rarely cry, and are just all smiles most all of the time. When new people talk to you, you shoot a glance my way as if to ask if they are safe. Then you’ll smile at them.
You love your reflection and your hands. I catch you continuously making shapes with your hands. 🙂
You’ve been eating up various veggies and even a couple of fruits no problem. I’d guess your fave is carrots or apples.
This week you’ve begun to push up on your legs and I know you are dying to chase down bubber who just wizzes by oh so quickly!





We’ve spent a large chunk of time at the pool lately and you are a fan!
Each and every day with you is so fun! I love that you are our second born! I love you too much for words!
Always and Forever,

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A little summer catch up

Summer has begun, and all things good and warm and leisurely are in full swing.
The top to do’s for every summer:
Find places to pick berries or fruit of any kind and head there for wayyy too many of something.
Take at least one road trip.
Make and eat a gazillion popsicles.
Have visits from all the grands.
Celebrate E’s bday.
Grill a lot and go to the pool some more.

That’s about it, aside from our normal daily activities. We LOVE it.
So far we have crossed a few things off our list and are quickly working on the rest.
Strawberry picking with our neighbors was our first big outing and oh boy were those berries delicious. So delicious Emerson had an “uck tummy” on the way home. Apparently we do have a berry limit.







We also saw quite a few planes, which always makes the day better.;) after picking we came home and had a picnic with the boys next door…I must say that Micah may grow up thinking he has three brothers bc these boys are just so sweet with him!
That same week we went to a local mountain (it’s a stretch to call it that) and had the final FSM before summer officially kicked off.







I saw some small group girls, E and his little friend got soccer coaching from their dads, M chilled, E chose new adult friends, fun was had.:)
I am grateful for the wonderful first few weeks of summer, the great weather and people to share it with.





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Sauer Power

It’s been a long time since I sat in a basement type, sixth grade science classroom with one tiny window and felt the rumble of a building downtown being crumbled by a bomb. It’s been a long time and yet I’m sure that along with most people I know I can still remember that day very clearly. I remember my teacher saying with a trembling voice that it was construction and knowing that she was lying. I remember beginning to see the aftermath on television and feeling like I couldn’t move for days as my world became totally different. As other people’s worlds fell apart. That day was the first day I knew the world was very different than I hoped it was. And it would never feel the same again.

I didn’t know anyone in that building but I can only imagine how much more deeply the people who did remember that day. If I were them, I’d hope people didn’t forget. I’d pray that people remember the people that lost their lives that day.

When the hubs and I decided to run our first half marathon I knew exactly where and why. It’s no act of bravery to run in the annual Memorial Marathon but as one tiny bit of over 25,000 people I just wanted to show honor to the people not there. And to be honest, for me it was personal enough in my memories that it kept me going every time I wanted to quit training…because some days I really didn’t feel like running again!

So race day came. My running mate was injured with a fracture and so it was me…all alone with what seemed like a gazillion other people. My day started at 3:30 am. That is ridiculously early if you don’t know that….but I am a planner and I had to be early to make sure I didn’t get lost, or miss the race. I was a whole 10 minutes from the starting line and the race was started at 6:30, so naturally I needed three hours to get there. 🙂 Little did I know the rain and thunder and lightning were coming and before we’d run…we’d sit in a parking garage for two hours. Can I tell you a secret about me? I love people. But big groups of strangers? Just no. I get quite uneasy and quite frankly pretty awkward. So it was an awkward couple of hours. And then we lined up to begin. We are READY! But what do you really do at the starting line? You wait for the fast people to start while you stand like overpacked sausage waiting….with strangers..again. haha I was quite out of my element that day but really had so much fun. 🙂

And then we started.

Here is my memory of the race. I’m running and passing lots of people which makes me feel way faster than I am and keeps my competitive self very satisfied. I see the boys! No wait…I only looked at Adam. Emerson may be crying. I thought about that for a good two miles. 🙂 Miles 7-10 were rough. Then I was getting close and I knew I could do it. I ran really fast! And I ran and ran and crossed the finish line! whoo! I could have kept going..totally. 😉 I find the boys and tell A how fast it went! I feel like I only ran like 7 miles! I can’t wait to see the pics that they take!

What really happened. I barely finished below my goal of ten minutes per mile. The people I passed were mostly walkers. I drank way too much gatorade and almost threw up a couple times. And that random banana at Gorilla Hill? Not good. I kept passing signs that said “1 in 100 people poop their pants..will it be you?” And I feared that the entire time. I got to finally see the professional pics and in one I smiled and waved. The other 27 look like I could definitely collapse at any moment…kind of like I’d never run in my life. And at the finish I looked white as a ghost. After that pic I vaguely downing some water, a bagel and then my leg cramping up like crazy and I couldn’t walk.

I really like my first memory better. Such a wonderful first race. 🙂

I will remember on thing clearly though. Running amongst many people with the name of someone they lost the day of the bombing on their back. It was extremely moving to me that they still run for them. That life matters long after it’s gone. I’m so thankful I got to run with them.


I didn’t know if I’


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Dear Mr. Micah

Oh our dear five month old,

How sweet it has been to have these first five months with you! You are just as wonderfully made as God could ever possibly make anyone! We have been enjoying every second of the pure joy you infused into our family and can’t wait to continue seeing you grow and become your own little person. I have still never seen you cry much. You make a little fuss if you get really reaaallly hungry but honestly if we were not on top of your schedule for eating, I’m not sure you’d say a word about it sometimes. You wake up making the sweetest babbles and saying “dadadadadadaada” on and on and on. Oh my goodness son…you are cute.

Your current nicknames are Lil Bit and Brudder. Oh and Bubs dubbed you Mickers. That boy adores you and is just yearning for the day you can play. For now he settles for reading you books and playing with your toys in front of you. Ya’ll are sweet together. You mostly just watch him with look of half amusement and half making sure you are in the safety zone from his shenanigans. 🙂

Your stats:

19 lbs

27 inches

Your sweet head size is off the charts. Big head, big brain right!? Your weight and length are above average but good. You’re just going to be a real big boy says the Dr. I don’t fight that news. 🙂

This past month you’ve really become so vocal! When I sing you laugh (thanks bud), when dads around you just talk and talk and when you are about to crash you are talking up a storm! It’s really sweet. I swear you say “hey” back to us and you only say “dadadada” when daddy is around. I know I’ve been through this before…wanting the baby to say things before they actually are and so I’ll say that’s what it is. But maybe it’s not! Maybe you do exactly what I think you do. We shall see!;)
I’m pretty sure due to your mobility, strength, and size, the infant carrier is going to have to be put to rest soon. You are bond and determined to sit up in it even when buckled. Crazy!
Your smile is big, bright, and contagious and the way you put your chin to the side and in your shoulder when you get bashful is melt worthy.
You’re a scrumptious one, son.
I love you so very much!







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That one time I had my kid in a head lock.

So some days with toddlers are just down right comical, no?

Mine is especially good at knowing the absolute best time to make a fool of himself. I’m not going to pretend here…sometimes when he screams mid-store, I walk several feet away and pretend to read labels. Mm-hmmm. He is LOUD. And “reasoning” is not a thing with him. Whispering in his ear used to work but uhhh- nah. Boy is outside his pretty little mind. And don’t hate me for being the mom that lets him scream..families gotta eat…and when he gets too out of control ( which is rare) I calmly leave the store. We just GET OUT. Plus I’m smart enough to only go when it’s not busy…except that one time I forgot it was Superbowl Sunday.


Some of you have seen this and others see him in his many sweet moments and think he’d just never ever do that. NEVER.

Well yesterday took the cake. I told him we were going to the dr. to see why he had a sudden rash on his face and this is what he heard…”you are getting a shot. it’s probably going to make you cry more and hurt more than any other thing on planet earth so better start screaming….right now.” (I’m assuming that’s what he heard and thank  you to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for teaching him about shots yesterday) What transpired was comical. And ridiculous. I bear hugged the screamer to get off his clothes and then twisted us both up in a knot to try and get that god-forsaken gown with alll the strings on his tiny but surprisingly strong body. And then I calmly threw that gown on the table.

Now I know that at our Dr. you can hear every scream…so the 5 full minutes of this must have been something and I half expected someone to burst through the door and see what was happening. At one point I told him he needed to to stop screaming. His sweet reply in an alarmingly loud voice was, “I DO WANT TO SCREAM! IT IS TIME TO SCREAM! RAWW! RAWW! RAWWWWWWWWWW!” Oh my gracious son. GET.A.GRIP. I wish I could type out the volume of those “raww’s”. They are his loudest scream. And still not a soul seemed to mind.

And then I scooped up the precious little child and held him…as he screamed and then…wait for it….he HEAD BUTTED ME. This really happened. And as he began to throw that tiny, forceful head back to do it again, I swiftly threw my arm around him and put him in a head lock (gently, mind you. just enough to stop the force of his head on mine). I sat straight faced with my screaming son in a “head lock” and THAT is the moment the doctor walked in. That moment. He honest to God acted like he’d seen this a million times…”not happy to be at the doctor are ya?” he says with a smile and proceeds. I have to just love that reaction. Not even phased..And as quickly as it all began he was done and happy go lucky again. Pheww.

Some days I am convinced that to become a bonified adult someday, tiny little two year olds have to be slightly “mental” first…like some sort of initiation. Bless them.

This is just our real life that I thought I would share amidst the cute pictures. I will probably never forget the day I put my kid in a head lock.


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A letter to my three month old

Hi sweet Micah boy!

Can you possibly be three months old and can the time we have with you as a tiny baby be flying by so quickly!? You are a pure joy to be around. The absolute happiest baby I have ever met! There are quite literally days that go by and I cannot think of one time that you have cried. Not at all! Now I’ve been through the baby days once before so I’m just experienced enough to know that teething, growth spurts, and countless other baby moments could completely change your demeanor…but for now I’m soaking in your sweet baby joy and your precious little spit bubbles that you so love to to share!


Right now you are in the 98th percentile for weight at a whopping 16.6 lbs (and quickly growing), the 70…something for height at 24 inches and sweetheart, your head is near the 100th percentile. It’s those big squeezable cheeks that we love so much!

IMG_7843 IMG_7907

You are eating so well! 8 ounce bottles three times a day and a 9 ounce before you go to bed for the night. These days you are going to bed about 9 and waking up about 8 and cooing in bed until we come get you only to see a huge grin from our happy baby boy. Sidenote: you smile so much and your smile is precious but I’m convinced that 90% of your smile is from your eyes…they just light up when you smile and nobody can resist smiling back at you. Again…I know sleep changes can happen in an instant so we are SO thankful for what a good sleeper you have been so far! You typically nap on and off for about an hour in the mornings and then a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon while big bro naps. How did mommy get lucky enough to still have “my” nap time for a little while? Crazy.

IMG_7701 IMG_7742

Have I mentioned how smitten your big bro is with you? We can barely keep him out of your room while you sleep because he is just dying to see you and show you things or tickle your feet. He loves to give you kisses and be helpful with anything you need. He is very attentive to your needs and is constantly saying how excited he is to walk and talk and play with you! He cheers for you anytime you do something new and mentions that you are a little closer to walking or talking with us!

The whole family cheered liked crazy at about 10 weeks old when you rolled over for the first time from tummy to back! WHOO! You got a tad overwhelmed by all the cheering but after a short cry you resumed your happiness and rolled over some more. Yay Micah! You are also very very intentional with all of your little toys right now. It is so cute to watch you stare intently and move them around. You also stare intently at mommy, daddy, and especially E when we are doing things/playing around the house. You LOVE to watch us play with planes and I am pretty sure you think it’s all for your enjoyment…and it partially is so that is just fine 😉 You have been able to find us by our voices for a while and if we aren’t looking at you, you have started to make it known with really loud happy screams that you are most definitely still there and would appreciate a look. Precious kiddo.

I already, after only three short months look back at your newborn pics and yearn to snuggle that newborn again. It just goes by way too fast my dear! But I can’t say I like this stage any are in awe and wonder at all times and learning new things about every three seconds. It’s a sweet, sweet time to be your mommy Micah. I am still and will always be thanking God for His perfect little gift of a second son. You are more than I ever dreamed about and just about as perfect as possible.

IMG_9189-2 IMG_9102


Oh my goodness you are scrumptious!

I love you so much..always and forever,


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Our house of yummy.

Target…the most wonderful getaway for a mom during the day (pretzel for him, latte for me..anddddd….browse), in addition to CFA and the zoo. So back to target…they now have the beautiful “cartwheel” app making it even more fun to go! So one day we used our app and purchased our very first gingerbread house! I was SO excited to bust this thing out with E.
And then we forgot.
Christmas passed and the poor house just sat in the box on a shelf.
Then we all got sick.
And then we all got better.
And then we all got the flu.
And THEN, after days inside going CRAZY I found the house!
Let’s bust this thing out!
So we got the house out.
In my dreams we would make a beautiful, fun house. Emerson would love to decorate it. Movie type memories, right.
Ummm, your kiddo is two. TWO.
And insanely hyper from being inside sick.
Sweet boy got one lick of that frosting and HOLY bananas…it.was.on.



Before the taste…
And then (this pic is blurry but..) the house fell and the first eye opening taste of icing hit his mouth.


He was done.

So I gave in and we ate our flu cookies.
Best flu cookies ever.



So much better than building a house!

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Micah’s Newborn Pics!

Heyyy! Did you hear we have a new baby named Micah?! I haven’t talked about it on here non stop or anything! 😉

This post is going to be one of my faves for a couple of reasons…first I get to share with you how we got newborn pics in the first place when we thought it was a luxury that would not happen due to uhhh…budgeting. Then I get to share his pics with you!

The story:

If you’ve ever seen my blog or facebook you know that for a whiilllleee we were raising money for our adoption fund (we raised over 2/3 of what we needed! yay!). Beyond that fund, we were on lock down budget wise so when it came to photographing our new bundle we thought we be pointing and clicking ourselves. Still cute but not quite what I dreamed of…but that’s okay! (i’ll be honest, i kind of really did dream of those picture perfect shots and i was a little sad but not in a “oh my gosh my life is over” way).

One day I got a facebook message from a sweet mom I had met once about two years ago when we first moved here. I hadn’t seen her since but did keep up with her life via facebook. She has her own Photography business you can see here doing lifestyle photography and also things like newborn, seniors, families…etc. She is AWESOME. I thought that before I got her message. She generously offered to do a newborn session for us and gift us with the images…FOR FREE. WHAT?! I cried. Like really and truly I have been totally knocked off my feet as people around us are so generous but I was trying to hold in my tears as each new day presented a new gift, or sweet note, or words of encouragement and this was just the thing to send me over the edge. An almost stranger had it on her heart to take time away from her life for us. WOW. I can say God is good…and not because He gives us stuff but because He leads us and those around us and gives us testimonies of His grace and goodness. He is good.

So a few days later she trecked to our house and began to take the most precious shots of not only Micah, but Emerson and myself too. I can attest to her incredible talent because she actually got some really sweet photos of Emerson who was being a heightened version of his anti-camera self that day. And not only that but she’s reaalllly good with kids and fun to chat with! I might be trying telling you that if you want a photographer  who is perfect in every way, then you found one! 😉

Okay, okay. But I am really thankful that the Lord laid it on her heart and  for Jessica Sowards Photography.

Here are my favorites from the session. (PS…Adam had a FULL day of meetings booked, before we scheduled this session. He wanted to be there very badly, but could not)


this is Emerson's life. Underwear all day. ;)

this is Emerson’s life. Underwear all day. 😉

IMG_9066-2 IMG_9069

Emerson WOULD NOT take a picture with Micah and after he complied with this one.....

Emerson WOULD NOT take a picture with Micah and after he complied with this one…..

yep...that's my little sly one...

yep…that’s my little sly one…

who loves to attack mommy...

who loves to attack mommy…

IMG_9100-2 IMG_9102 IMG_9114-2

and then asked Jessica to take just his pic on this chair...

and then asked Jessica to take just his pic on this chair…

Micah :)

Micah 🙂

IMG_9145-2 IMG_9189-2 IMG_9205 IMG_9221 IMG_9250-2

I love the real-ness (it's a word) of this pic

I love the real-ness (it’s a word) of this pic

IMG_9285-2 IMG_9307-2

The session was technically over but Emerson wasn’t paying attention so she capitalized on the opportunity of getting them next to each other…

after realizing that we took advantage of him watching tv to join their hands, Emerson quickly moved away to preserve his fight to not take pictures.

after realizing that we took advantage of him watching tv to join their hands, Emerson quickly moved away to preserve his fight to not take pictures.

I LOVE the ones of Emerson on my back and the ones of Micah by himself. Heck, I love them all! I love that we got the “newborn” shots and the real life shots that are such precious memories.

Thank you to Jessica Sowards Photography for making it possible to have these and being so good with my children! We are forever grateful!


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Micah: one month

Hey there baby boy!

I can barely believe this month has flown by so very quickly!

First I have to tell you how unbelievable it is to have you in our family! Your mommy and daddy are blown away by the joy you have already added to our lives and Emerson thinks you’re just the most fun baby on earth to give kisses and share his toys with. You don’t always appreciate that yet but he tries! 😉

So here is a little about you so far.


You have, from day one been the  most laid back baby I could have imagined! You love to be held and already have preferences in how we hold you. Daddy, up and down…and mommy you never fail to “throw” yourself sideways until you are laying down in my arms. Dad’s warmth puts you to sleep while something about mom makes you bright eyed. It’s pretty cute! Most days you are content to lay on a lap, swing, have us sing to you, or just stare at something that catches your attention. You are just really really excited to take in the world! Plus you like to snuggle, I like to snuggle. We’re golden. 🙂


I’m afraid son. You are already taking over 4 ounces at most feedings and if you don’t then you are fiesty mad to get that next bottle ASAP! About ten seconds (literally) after you were born you and I went to the nursery and you just screamed and screamed for food and then loudly gulped down a bottle. I’ll start clipping coupons now. 😉 You do really well with your formula and eat in about 5 minutes. You’re not messin around. That’s partly why mom dubbed you “Micah-moo”.

You’re big!! Haha we haven’t been for your check up yet but I can’t wait to see how much you have grown!


How am I even putting milestones already? Baby boy, you are STRONG. The nurses at the hospital kept commenting on your bulging thigh muscles! I’m jealous. You began to lift your head at the hospital! and at a week and a half were turning your head back and forth during tummy time. Your dad is convinced you’ll roll over very early because you already do a good half roll but we’ll see.

You have been smiling (not just gassy smiles) since you were 5 days old. I didn’t quite know that was possible but when you are sung to you light up! It’s so so cute!!! And you’re a cooooo-er. During my last 9th grade small group you coo-ed the entire prayer time and it may have been the cutest distraction ever.


You love tummy time and usually fall asleep that way. You thankfully enjoy the front carrier mommy wears. You’re not such a big fan of being under your play gym and I could be wrong but I think it scared you at first. You love to just be able to see and hear us. As long as we are near, you are happy!

That’s you thus far sweet thing! Thank you, thank you for being in our family! I knew I missed having a baby but holding you in my arms and looking in your eyes I can’t believe how much I am overwhelmed and overjoyed to have a second baby boy to love! I can’t wait to see you grow and laugh and play with Bubs. I’m just so thankful for the gift of you. I hope you always feel the love we have for you!


I love you forever,
Mommy 🙂

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being emerson

Emerson is a son and brother. A friend. Caring, and thoughtful. A wonderful helper. Full of energy and love. He’s passionate and strong. Emerson is described as a “go hard or go home” child.

But what does this child do all day?

In mostly pictures, here are some things he has done lately.

Emerson loves painting. He’d so far choose it over any toy, book, or other activity so we tend to get our artsy craftsy on quite often.

IMG_6889 IMG_6894 IMG_6911 IMG_6914

IMG_7177Silliness. You could never spend a day with our firstborn without tremendous amounts of silliness. Even when asking him things like, “What color is this?” He will still say every color in the rainbow other than the one he knows it is just to be silly…and he will laugh with a sly look on his face the entire time. Getting dressed, leaving home, walking down a hall…they all require a whole lot of flexibility, but in a good way. We’ve learned he’s not always being “disobedient” he just does everything with his own personality. So we dance to the car, or hide from people at Barnes and Noble (and freak them out) as we go to the bathroom. Silliness.

IMG_7167 IMG_7333 IMG_7437

IMG_1750 IMG_1292 d5f67826-dd93-44f2-a252-84d2c0c4d7be 541ee956-90aa-452e-8fcd-8c28d402b66e 76f488b0-8e26-44e1-a5d4-ee0b15001a07


We are still trying hard to figure out where all that silliness comes from…IMG_1264
Emerson is really, REALLY helpful. He will drop almost anything (besides painting) to help. He regularly asks to help put away or wash dishes, vaccum, help feed Micah, drive (umm, no). I love his love to he a helper and that right now it is so fun!

IMG_7211IMG_0024IMG_1098 IMG_1883

We have spent many days doing little “dates” lately! Little boys who are used to all of the attention on them really should still have all of the attention on them sometimes!

IMG_1272 IMG_1473 IMG_1588 IMG_1639 IMG_1656 IMG_1678 IMG_1746


Okay…Micah is still there sometimes. 😉

There are moments I look at Emerson and get a glimpse of the compassionate, loving, helpful, silly, man he will one day be. He is supremely thoughtful, loves deeply and adores his family and his little friends. I have to thank God each day for the many gifts we already see in our sweet boy.

Being Emerson must be really fun. 🙂

Happy Monday!



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