A little summer catch up

Summer has begun, and all things good and warm and leisurely are in full swing.
The top to do’s for every summer:
Find places to pick berries or fruit of any kind and head there for wayyy too many of something.
Take at least one road trip.
Make and eat a gazillion popsicles.
Have visits from all the grands.
Celebrate E’s bday.
Grill a lot and go to the pool some more.

That’s about it, aside from our normal daily activities. We LOVE it.
So far we have crossed a few things off our list and are quickly working on the rest.
Strawberry picking with our neighbors was our first big outing and oh boy were those berries delicious. So delicious Emerson had an “uck tummy” on the way home. Apparently we do have a berry limit.







We also saw quite a few planes, which always makes the day better.;) after picking we came home and had a picnic with the boys next door…I must say that Micah may grow up thinking he has three brothers bc these boys are just so sweet with him!
That same week we went to a local mountain (it’s a stretch to call it that) and had the final FSM before summer officially kicked off.







I saw some small group girls, E and his little friend got soccer coaching from their dads, M chilled, E chose new adult friends, fun was had.:)
I am grateful for the wonderful first few weeks of summer, the great weather and people to share it with.





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The traveling kind..

Warning: this post is complete randomness of my current thoughts and wandering mind.

There was once upon a time this couple that traveled the globe. India, Jamaica, Bahamas, Guatemala, Mexico… They had plans to visit Europe for their ten year anny and Israel after that.
They have taken a world traveler sabbatical. They now go to Branson, Missouri quite often (ehemm, 6 times this year bc of a package thing bought last year) for different things. It’s become their sandy beach, their Taj Mahal of the land they now roam.
I vaguely remember those daring travelers who slept so well. I now take sips of my sweet tea on a lake that a man has put sand on probably for people like me who need some sand in their toes. I close my eyes, pretend there aren’t Mosquitos devouring my legs and I imagine the waves are that sound that is actually my son making airplane sounds.
I bask in the daydream and in the fact that all our traveling glory was swept away into a sea of snuggles and trains, diapers and goldfish, early rising, little hands and feet that sweetly touch my face and while he says I love you (yes, sometimes it’s the feet). I daydream about how lucky I am to be right where I am.
I realize that although I’d gladly take a short trip somewhere exotic, I’d take Branson or Ohio or Oklahoma picking rocks any day with my sweet boys.
I love my life these days. I love it and I’m not missing a thing.


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Wordless Wednesday:All in a days play









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July, July

Once again I am amazed at how fast summer is flying by and how July barely even registered in our life. I mean we lived each day (durr) and had tons of fun but I don’t know if I ever knew what day it was…the day or the date!
And this poor little neglected blog…
I have tons to tell, pics galore, and maybe I’ll find time next month. AUGUST! How can it be?
Well, lets snapshot the month and I will do it real justice later. πŸ™‚

A sand/water table entered our lives. How did I not know how we’d love it so!?

We were never so thankful for glass.

Smary visited!


Emerson for real can peddle on his tricycle! Last time I cheered this accomplishment I later realized he was rolling down a slight hill. Oh mommy.

Random. I finally sewed a line with no loops and it was a HUGE deal.

Hubs and I became determined to run a half marathon next year so we finally ran 6 miles. Not a giant deal for seasoned runners but for us…WHOOP WHOOP!
More on our month later!

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And the class clown award goes to…

I’m certain I don’t have the worlds only child who LOVES attention and will go out of his cute little way to get it. Certainly not.
But we do have a potential class clown in the making. We don’t really wave and stare when we go out to eat, but mr. Funny does look slyly out of the corner of his eye with a huge grin while he dramatically chomps down a fry. Because yes, the cute couple next to us is watching and laughing. And even if they aren’t, well…he’s unaware of that. He carefully balances things on his head in a check out line or runs his car up a strangers arm whose just within reach. He has the gift of laughing so hard at himself and knowing in his head that the whole wide world is watching that who really cares if anyone really is.
He’s funny for sure.
He’s going to get me called into the school office one day, I just know it.
I’ll still love him. πŸ˜‰ and I’m betting his dad will be proud of him for whatever funny stunt he pulled.
How many times will we tell this clown “no son” as we are holding up a book or menu or drink and trying desperately to hide our belly laughs!?




I just can’t quite figure out where he gets it? πŸ˜‰

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My daily lunch date

He’s always smiley and makes us both giggle..



He enjoys a little lunch time, hide behind your milk peek-a-boo..


He sniffs his food and makes himself laugh…a very low-maintenance date really..;)

And right after he shoves food onto his face he asks for a kiss.
He is not denied. He is my lunch date after all. πŸ˜‰

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Thank you bed time…you’re a great reminder.

This is short and sweet…but only sweet because of my baby boy.
Today was one of those mom days where I could have handed him to just about anyone to get a second alone. Within reason, don’t freak out.
That did not happen. I honestly had to blink away tears and I couldn’t even explain why. Just one of those days I suppose…one when you know you need to just get over it and focus on the big picture. He did nothing specific..we played and sang and did it all…and all with my bad attitude on board.
Then bedtime came. Oh glorious bedtime. And then it happened like it always does when I’m about to put him down. I realize in just a moment I will lay him down and I will instantly miss him. Instantly. And to put the cherry on top we had our first moment of giggling while whispering “I love you” over and over. Sigh.. In that moment I remembered all of the times today that I’d not paid enough attention, or had gotten frustrated (because almost two can be like rubbing a cheese grater on your knees)…and I remembered that I always tell myself to not take these little years for granted, but I did. (Maybe I should blame this on the fact that I can’t find my “Loving the Little Years” book) πŸ˜‰ I took today for granted and it was not worth it. It never would be.
I’m not beating myself up, just an honest parenting moment.. But tomorrow won’t be like today. Tomorrow I’ll rely on the Lord as I parent and not just myself. Weird how I just forget sometimes.

Great is His faithfulness; His mercies are afresh each morning.
Lamentations 3:23


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Moms be CRAZY.

How old are you? Are you a mom now or still in your sweet little tweeny years looking ahead to what could be? Well…which age you are matters because if you’re that second type of lady, you most likely think on occasion…moms be CRAZY! I admit to you my dear…I was once with you. But these days I’m being slapped in the face with mom realities that I once thought were crazy. Let me share a few that have happened recently.

Last year I was asked if I do the “mom dance” in the car. I was like “ehh?” Β “You know, where you bop your head and make your index fingers go up and down at the top of the stearing wheel.” replied a sweet 13 year old. My very honest thought at that moment was, “heck no I don’t. I’m a mom..not a dork.” Welp. Gulp. Swallow my previous thoughts. Two months ago I was head bopping, index finger moving along to….wait, what?!!! I AM that dorky mom! NOOOO! Ahh well…bop. bop. bop.

Man it’s CRAZY gross when moms wipe their kids nose with their bare finger! You know what’s more gross? I just wiped that snot right onto his shirt because I don’t have a wipe and I’m not getting my shirt dirty. That’s right.

You, sweet teen lady. You WILL sing along to kids music without knowing it…When you’re child is not with you. You WILL leave it on for multiple minutes without one tiny brain cell going, “what on earth are you doing?!” And if you’re like me, you’ll do it with two youth girls in the car and after a minute they’ll go “UMMMM…” And you’ll realize that something inside of you changed with a kid. The part that has forgone the dream of being cool because you’re weird enough to not even notice in front of others! Now that’s crazy.

Moms with young kids don’t always shower? WHAAATTT?! Yeah. What’s.the.point. I mean…some days you just know it’s not worth the effort. I once thought this was so disgusting. Like..get out of your jammies..yoga pants..and dirty t-shirt and put yourself together for goodness sake.

Why would a mom lie to her child. CRAZY lady. I’m sorry…did you say Thomas? You mean that ridiculous little engine who makes the SAME MISTAKE every episode and NEVER delivers the loads properly or on time? Yeah. That dude had to go night-night. And by the way…Chick-fil-a ran out of cookies. Bummer.

Why do moms look so crazy eyed sometimes? Why do they look so frazzled? I’m sorry…did you? No, you know what…DON”T EVEN GO THERE.

Do moms realize how crazy they look with their high pitched voice dancing around trying to get their kid to do something only to pull out a treat to get them to comply? Don’t they know they are just spoiling that child and a bratty kid will turn into a bratty adult. Well…I turned out alright…moving on.

I’ll never be crazy enough to …… … …… . YEAH. YOU. WILL.

I wonder what other crazy mom stuff I’ve done and thought I would never dare do? You?


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For a week and a day…

For a week and a day we have been SOOOO busy! I know. I know. I have one kiddo. The moms of four or more are rolling their eyes at this very moment. I gotcha. YOU are busy. But in our world…it’s been busy for us. I don’t thrive in busy-ness. I get very distracted and unorganized. Death for a mom. Like when the sweetest lady at Chick-fil-a set my freshly refilled LARGE drink down today and my hands did not beat the little hands I’m in charge of. OH. BOY. :/ Thankfully my friend who was in the line of fire was quick and avoided being soaked before her long drive home to Mississippi. Wheewww. Β I think all moms have probably had a similar moment and felt just as embarrassed…but somehow you don’t remember that when all eyes are on you. AH!

To our joy it hasn’t all been crazy like that. It’s been meeting with friends, going to games, prepping for studies, sick kids, running errands, going to parties, and all that “life” kind of busy. I’m generally a protector of “down time” so Β that “life” busy is SO good for a while but when it breaks…. HOORRAAYYYY!!!

This week we head to Oklahoma to visit family while Adam has a fun FSM retreat and I couldn’t be more excited. Emerson gets to see people who love him dearly and that’s a treasure. Busy or not.

Here’s a few pics I managed to get this past week…

IMG_4098 IMG_4105

Not so sure about his first sushi roll

Not so sure about his first sushi roll

IMG_4113 IMG_4141

The Sauers

The Sauers

IMG_4144 IMG_4155 IMG_4159 IMG_4167

Learning to put on socks

Learning to put on socks

IMG_4178 IMG_5870 IMG_5793 IMG_5800 IMG_5829 IMG_5832 IMG_5834 IMG_5854

I always laugh when I talk about being busy and then upload pics that make it look like we’ve just lounged around! lol We are obviously very into coloring, cars, choo-choos, and being a wiggle worm! Β There are many days that I’d be content to freeze him at this age because he is just SO FUN! But I have heard it just gets better so I guess I won’t. πŸ˜‰

Live this day with JOY! πŸ˜‰

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Wordless Wednesday:JH Winterchill










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