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30 Things: Part 1

As a result of many days of “bloggers block” I have begun to do Wordless Wednesdays, allowing me to post pictures and not need to write. Well, the following 30 Things posts will be along the same lines. Basically something to blog about while still writing. 🙂

30 Random questions to answer (5 per post). I stumbled across this on another blog and she did 30 posts, but I certainly would not keep up with that. 😉

This should be interesting…

Let’s hope…for your sake. 😉

1.List 20 Random facts about yourself.

  1. I am already deciding I may change this question to 10, and only do 1 question today. I process things slooowly (that’s my fact).
  2. I have a ridiculously terrific brother who is 18 years younger than me. My mom told me she was pregnant on the phone while I stood in the parking lot after a high school football game. Woah.
  3. I love to be crafty and could paint all day any day without direction or inspiration of an end result. I just love paintbrush on canvas. Cake decorating is like painting times 10 on the “love it” scale. But I despise baking.
  4. Bikers on the road are the only time I boarder on road rage. I don’t yell but I am NOT happy.
  5. I have a very intense fear of all bodies of water. Even in movies.
  6. My hubby is my very best friend. And he’s a hotty. 😉
  7. My phone number used to be 942-1477…confirming that the number 7 SHOULD be my lucky number. 9+2-4=7….14 is a multiple of 7…and then 2 7’s. Ha. 🙂
  8. I have way more funny in me when I write. In person I can’t get out a punch line and I laugh too hard to finish a joke. It’s frustrating.
  9. I love to use “!” and smiley’s…and I never, ever call them emoticons.
  10. Helping people out probably makes me happier than it does another person. I’m not sure if that’s selfish or selfless…
  11. I LOVE Jesus!
  12. My husband just got done putting E to bed, so I’m done at 13.
  13. Emerson is the most perfect addition to our family. He makes every single day wonderful. I’ll show you his cuteness now.

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