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I never knew how fascinating they could be until Emerson showed me.

Now I know.

Take him outdoors.

If he hears a tree rustling around…nothing else exists.

If he gets a hold of a leaf…nothing else exists.

A stick…pshht. nothing else.

Not me. Not you. Not a car, a dog, people, playgrounds, water, cameras. NOTHING.

He is entranced.

This cracks me up. His daddy and I enjoy watching him go off into his own world to figure out the trees or the leaves. He studies them. No play. Just deep, thoughtful, studying. It’s precious.

Daddy has a leaf trying to entice him to look at the camera 🙂

Ha. This was an attempt to get a couple of pics of him and us on his baby dedication day…I actually love these because they capture exactly what Emerson was like on that day and at that stage of his life.

Here are a few more we managed to get.

When our original plan fails…give in and play. 🙂

Leaves are fun anyway. 🙂

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