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A letter to my three month old

Hi sweet Micah boy!

Can you possibly be three months old and can the time we have with you as a tiny baby be flying by so quickly!? You are a pure joy to be around. The absolute happiest baby I have ever met! There are quite literally days that go by and I cannot think of one time that you have cried. Not at all! Now I’ve been through the baby days once before so I’m just experienced enough to know that teething, growth spurts, and countless other baby moments could completely change your demeanor…but for now I’m soaking in your sweet baby joy and your precious little spit bubbles that you so love to to share!


Right now you are in the 98th percentile for weight at a whopping 16.6 lbs (and quickly growing), the 70…something for height at 24 inches and sweetheart, your head is near the 100th percentile. It’s those big squeezable cheeks that we love so much!

IMG_7843 IMG_7907

You are eating so well! 8 ounce bottles three times a day and a 9 ounce before you go to bed for the night. These days you are going to bed about 9 and waking up about 8 and cooing in bed until we come get you only to see a huge grin from our happy baby boy. Sidenote: you smile so much and your smile is precious but I’m convinced that 90% of your smile is from your eyes…they just light up when you smile and nobody can resist smiling back at you. Again…I know sleep changes can happen in an instant so we are SO thankful for what a good sleeper you have been so far! You typically nap on and off for about an hour in the mornings and then a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon while big bro naps. How did mommy get lucky enough to still have “my” nap time for a little while? Crazy.

IMG_7701 IMG_7742

Have I mentioned how smitten your big bro is with you? We can barely keep him out of your room while you sleep because he is just dying to see you and show you things or tickle your feet. He loves to give you kisses and be helpful with anything you need. He is very attentive to your needs and is constantly saying how excited he is to walk and talk and play with you! He cheers for you anytime you do something new and mentions that you are a little closer to walking or talking with us!

The whole family cheered liked crazy at about 10 weeks old when you rolled over for the first time from tummy to back! WHOO! You got a tad overwhelmed by all the cheering but after a short cry you resumed your happiness and rolled over some more. Yay Micah! You are also very very intentional with all of your little toys right now. It is so cute to watch you stare intently and move them around. You also stare intently at mommy, daddy, and especially E when we are doing things/playing around the house. You LOVE to watch us play with planes and I am pretty sure you think it’s all for your enjoyment…and it partially is so that is just fine 😉 You have been able to find us by our voices for a while and if we aren’t looking at you, you have started to make it known with really loud happy screams that you are most definitely still there and would appreciate a look. Precious kiddo.

I already, after only three short months look back at your newborn pics and yearn to snuggle that newborn again. It just goes by way too fast my dear! But I can’t say I like this stage any are in awe and wonder at all times and learning new things about every three seconds. It’s a sweet, sweet time to be your mommy Micah. I am still and will always be thanking God for His perfect little gift of a second son. You are more than I ever dreamed about and just about as perfect as possible.

IMG_9189-2 IMG_9102


Oh my goodness you are scrumptious!

I love you so much..always and forever,


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The many faces…

Of my little love.

Stretchy face


Happy face


I am gonna cry face


I am done crying but my face is puffy now face


Milk drunk face


Sweeeeeping face


And…the upside down face


Now isn’t this boy just precious?

Yes!!! 🙂

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