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So I turned 29 a few days ago.

I had been super excited for this occasion. I was REALLY looking forward to getting closer to 30. Why? I don’t really know if I can explain it. I guess I can look back on my 20’s as a huge “growth” period. It’s when I got married, learned so much about following the Lord while at the same time feeling like I face planted in that area many times, had the first part of marriage, went through the pressure to look a certain way and trying not to let it get to me…but still letting it and finally coming to the place where I like “me”, having a BABY…learning how to process that into marriage and life. I don’t know…maybe I am wrong and I guess I will find out soon enough but people I know in their 30’s just seem more settled about life. Things are still changing but it’s not the same. It’s not all combined with trying to figure out who you are and where you fit. And it’s quite possible that all of that is really more specific to each person but as I reach 30 I personally can say that I know who I am (although I am still growing), I like that person and I feel like a stronger, more confident , more beautiful person than I ever have. I have grown into someone who has something to give and has (some) life experience. I know every 19 year-old out there feels that way too but they will laugh when they turn 29 at just how little they knew just as I will look back and laugh at my sweet oblivious 29 year-old self when I am 39.

🙂 I just have to smile as I write all of this contradictory information for the world (or approximately the 45 people who read my blog) to see. Point is, 20’s had some major growing pains that I am glad to leave behind and hope not to repeat. BUT I still have one more year so I celebrated it with three of my favorite people:

My brother and Adam made me that delicious cake. Yummm.

Happy Birthday to me.


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