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Emerson’s first big fall

Emerson…buddy boy,

This past week, at 19 months you had your first really significant fall. Not just a bumped head but a real fall that resulted in real blood. And a mom who was really sad she didn’t move just a tad quicker.

Mom was doing her workout class and when it ended I went in to where you were playing with some friends. An indoor play area with a climbing net and a slide and all that fun stuff (think McDonalds but safer, cleaner, and a place I would want you to play). 😉  So anywho…you saw me and as usual you got bright eyed with a big grin and came to find your way out of the area when you found yourself at the top of the climbing net. Mommy had grabbed your shoes and was at the bottom of the net telling you “I’m coming, wait just a second” when it happened. With a huge smile you stepped onto the net and your first few seconds came with graceful sliding down until your foot got caught. sigh. 😦 You flipped swiftly forward and your sweet face went smack down onto the level I was on. Right in front of my face. Double 😦 You immediately had blood all over your face and I swept you up as quickly as possible. Friends rushed to get paper towels and you buried your increasingly bloody face into my shoulder and wept. And wept.


If only I’d gotten there a second sooner. But I didn’t. There was bound to be a day that I didn’t.

Oh how thankful I am for just a bloody, and noticeably fat (but still adorable) lip. Thankful that all that blood wasn’t more serious and that you’re alright. Thankful that I get to be the one to clean you up, make sure you’re alright and hold you tight. You clung pretty tight to me that whole morning. I can’t say I minded that. 😉 Ahhh yes, I’m a boy mom and this will undoubtedly happen again. But this first big fall I will never forget.

I love you sweet boy. I love you and your big fat lip. 😉


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