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Bringing this blog into the new year. Part 1

It’s been one heck if a month. I mean wow.
We had several Christmas parties hosted at our house which was so fun. A few elsewhere and a few guests sprinkled in between. A little Christmas chaos never hurt anyone. It was actually pretty fun!





I’m not a giant fan of either of those last two pics but it should be documented that I wore a dress and Adam a tux. Also, well I think that last pic is just hilarious. I wasn’t dancing, I wasn’t in a bar fight…I don’t really have a clue what WAS happening. Ahh well. ๐Ÿ™‚
A few friends and I got together and made t shirts for the kids. I got one pic of Emerson in it. With a jacket covering most of it. At least the making of the shirt was fun.


Christmas came, we celebrated the birth of Jesus with some friends. Meanwhile the great snow of 2012 began and took all of the power with it. Funny enough the friends who had us over for Christmas dinner welcomed us back two days later and we hung out with them until the seven days without power at our house ended. What a blessing because it was COLD. Real cold. We ended up bringing in the new year and my big 3-0 with them and it was great.

(More snow pics to come)



2012 was a pretty great year. Made some great friends and had some great fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hunting down a Christmas tree

Apparently I forgot to publish a couple of posts…lets for back about a month..:)

Since the vows Adam and I have always opted for an artificial tree. I’m not sure we’ve ever had a full size one but we have done several tabletops and one propped up by a box on one side because the leg broke and we were also…broke. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Adam has mentioned through the years his longing for a real, beastly tree in all of its evergreen smelling glory. This year was it! We went with some sweet friends and their youngster to find and cut down our perfect tree. Honestly we asked if someone could cut it for us and the reply that “eight years olds do this” got us in the sawing spirit.
We hunted and hunted and hunted some more. Then we decided to go look down the way and took a fun wagon ride together. It was such a fun memory together to find a tree cut it down, swing, watch some piglets race, and ride on a wagon! Finally we did find a tree and Adam cut it down (in about 23 seconds). It’s not beastly, but its perfect!



Oh the excitement of the pig race!!!


Mommy did not get the “look at the camera and don’t close your eyes” memo ๐Ÿ™‚

Look at that lumberjack! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So glad there are fun things like this to go do and make sweet memories.

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Tis the season.

Yep. It has rolled around again. Christmas is here in just a few days. I am not really sure how but the past few years have been down right CALM this time of year. Don’t un-friend me or anything but we didn’t even put up a decoration last year. Not one. We traveled home for the holiday and so we figured…why bother? I have a slight feeling this will be the last of the calm holidays and we are about to enter a world of holiday fun and craziness from now on. I for one, am pretty dad-gum excited for that! I remember celebrating Christmas when I was younger and my grandmother was still with us and back then it was magical…beautiful…my favorite time of year. After she passed though, it almost ceased to exist and for some time I could honestly say that I kind of hated the holidays.

THEN I gave my life to Jesus and Christmas had a whole new meaning to me. After that Adam and I got married and I don’t know, the Christmas time sparkle came back. SO. I am so excited for Christmas. I DID decorate this year and even did a little baking…a tiny bit little but still. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also got invited by a new friend to come to her 8th grade girls small group Christmas party (she’s not in 8th grade, she is the leader) and service project which was a terrific time. It was wonderful to watch them make crafts with children and show them love.

Oh, I almost forgot. We had a western themed dinner for the FSM volunteers and got to do a bit of square dancing. Gotta say that I wasn’t sure how fun that would be but it was a blast. Seriously, I would do that for fun…in a heartbeat.

Emerson got to decorate his first tree. He kinda loves the lights…what kid doesn’t?

It’s kind of wonderful to share Christmas with him for the first time. He is in awe of everything. He of course doesn’t understand what’s going on but he is happy to see a new shining Christmas tree everywhere we go. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I thought I’d do the 5 Question Friday thing just for fun…and it’s not actually this week’s questions because I didn’t like this weeks so I found ones I liked better. Plus, it’s not Friday:

1. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
That would be a new one from….yep, Pinterest. Devils Food Cake mix cookie with an Andes mint melted on top. Had to send some to Adam’s work so I wouldn’t eat every last one.

2. What’s your favorite holiday movie & why?
Elf. I never got the old Christmas movie humor. Home Alone made me think we were going to get robbed…or abandoned. It’s a wonderful life was…over my head. Maybe I should try that one again. Anyway…I was forced-ish to watch Elf at different gatherings about 5 times before I began to LOVE it. So Elf… ๐Ÿ˜‰

3.ย Is there a gift that you bought for your kids that you wish youย hadn’tย after they opened it?
Well…that’s never happened yet so no.

4.ย What is the messiest room in your house right at this moment?
The living room. Mid-laundry folding at the moment. Maybe I should be getting back to that.

5.ย What is the furthest you have driven for the holidays?
About 18 hours. Maybe more with stops. I was pregnant at the time and the drive there was SO bad and I just got a tad (a WHOLE LOT) whiny so Adam tried to get me to fly back but my stubborn self would not. Why? I have no clue.
Alright, well that was fun.
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