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This is the Dream

We put on Praise Baby this morning (Christian equivalent of Baby Einstein) to watch as a family before nap time. Times when Emerson is setting still these days are few and far between so we cherish them all by themselves but today Emerson just totally outdid himself. Adam laid on the couch with him and in the middle of his show he looked over at daddy and put out his hand until Adam held it, he then turned the other way and held out the other to me. I OF COURSE snatched that opportunity! He then went back to watching his show while holding our hands. Ughhh…kill me with your sweetness son. I love you!


After that beautiful moment he cuddled up, almost fell asleep and then laid down with dad….



THEN he decided mommy needed to get in on this… He reached out to me (this is serious people, this kid is all over the place and we just want to suggggle!), so I laid down. That was good for a sec but then my hair made him a bit hyper (as always).



Awww. And yes this in the morning and we look like boo boo but let’s not focus on that. K? 😉
At one point Adam says, “I can’t believe he is doing this! This is the dream.” isn’t that the truth? Don’t you just wait for those sweet, rare moments when your go, go, go kid stops and lets you soak up some baby lovin!?

Love this child of ours!


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