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Sauertines Day 2012

If you’re not up with what Sauertines day is you can read last years post (tagged Sauertines) or here is a brief overview.

Adam and I are not fans of the craziness of Valentines…so we made our own version of it to be celebrated in April. Take that Hallmark. No cards allowed (although sweet letters are well received).


Last year was so fun and we were so pumped for this year. Do you ever have those moments when you are talking with someone and the plan you have in your mind way ahead of time is totally unrealistic? Well, that was us this year. We thought about going to a Bed and Breakfast (with nobody to watch our son) and all this other nonsense until we decided that having a baby has changed what constitutes a great date. It used to be something very thought out, special, romantic but still fun…blah, blah, blah. Then we had a baby. Now just having alone time to be spontaneous and have a real conversation in a non-hushed tone is a wonderful time! Funny how things change!

This year we had a plan and at the last minute ditched it and headed downtown to see where we ended up. We walked and held hands (another thing that becomes less often when you are also holding a baby)…I think that by itself could have made the date but we headed to dinner and found a cute little cajun place called Red Bone. It was pretty tasty and I love the downtown restaurant atmosphere…ours had garage doors that open so you’re inside but sorta outside. Fun. 🙂 After our bites we wandered around until we found a unique little park with climbing walls and a ridiculously long slide. Going down that slide face first may have been the most frightening thing I have done in quite sometime. It was good fun. Then we attempted to find the library (you’d have to know Adam to know why that is a great addition to a date) and stumbled upon an art gallery. We were just turning to leave when the sweetest, most passionate about art (and quilting) older woman began to tell us ALLLL about the art and the special Jews in Arkansas area. She was too cute to turn down so we went on in. Adam actually enjoyed the Jewish area (I could have called that) and for some reason some really cute headbands for babies were being sold and I almost bought one for the little girl we don’t have. ha  🙂

We walked more and talked and looked for a little coffee shop that we never found. It was the best, most random date we have had in such a very long time!

We had several more pics of us goofing off at the park but they are nowhere to found…:( Adam did have a couple of the “senior pics” he took on his phone though. Of course those made it. lol


Happy Sauertines Day.


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