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lonely walls.

Let’s begin with Emerson’s room.

It’s been nearly five months since we moved from Ohio to Arkansas. Ohio had one thing, above all others (speaking of material items) that I wish, wish, WISH I could have transported here. Emerson’s nursery. That room was a labor of love AND holds very sweet memories. Adam and I spent nights and days and days and nights making the room special. We made nearly every item in it aside from furniture. Adam did the floors and the railing. We painted the room…then I did not love the shade of blue so I painted it again (safe paint). We collaborated on ideas and it was so fun! Then we MOVED! A lot of the items were pretty permanent on the walls so now he has lonely walls in Arkansas. 😦 I have searched and searched for something that I love the same and until today I had found zilch. We are not allowed to paint in the apartment so we are working with beige and we can’t use a nail gun or I’d just duplicate his old room.

Here is his first room:

Hi Adam. 🙂 It wasn’t 100% finished in the pics but there it is. I MISS IT! I know. It’s silly. But I still miss it..

Today I found a few things I may try out so we shall see. I’ll show you when I finally do figure it all out!

Other than that I think each room in our apartment has one lonely wall. Apartments are UN-inspiring. But at the same time I REALLY want it to feel as homey as possible. We’ll see how I do…and if whatever I do is still there a couple weeks later. Anyone else change their mind like a gazillion times? 🙂

No? Ok. Well…

….As I looked for nursery pics I also stumbled across this gem:


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