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Mash me up some taters.

Been overly excited to make baby food at home for quite a while now! I ordered a food processor (good choice so I can use it for other things too) and went to town!

I thought this process might be difficult but it’s so dern simple! I was told to get a steamer but psht..don’t waste your $ if you ever make this stuff. All you need is a big pot and a colander.

Yes, I just made pasta and was too lazy to clean the pot for the pic

That there…all you need.

So I filled the pot with a little water and set my veggies in.

Then I covered and steamed! And I had been told this way takes forever…not so my friends. About 10 minutes and you can just do other stuff while it’s cooking!

So thennnn…I stuck it in the processor, added some of the cooking water and “on”.

Wha-laa! Baby food!

Then I stuck it into cute little containers (ice cube trays and ziploc bags are actually way cheaper BUT I had gift cards left to B-R-U so for me it was FREE! LOVE FREE!) is the finished product.

Little man loves…momma’s happy. All worth it.

And after you purchase equipment, the three weeks worth of food is less than $4.

Tootin my horn for making stuff cheap!

Have a happy Thursday!


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