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being emerson

Emerson is a son and brother. A friend. Caring, and thoughtful. A wonderful helper. Full of energy and love. He’s passionate and strong. Emerson is described as a “go hard or go home” child.

But what does this child do all day?

In mostly pictures, here are some things he has done lately.

Emerson loves painting. He’d so far choose it over any toy, book, or other activity so we tend to get our artsy craftsy on quite often.

IMG_6889 IMG_6894 IMG_6911 IMG_6914

IMG_7177Silliness. You could never spend a day with our firstborn without tremendous amounts of silliness. Even when asking him things like, “What color is this?” He will still say every color in the rainbow other than the one he knows it is just to be silly…and he will laugh with a sly look on his face the entire time. Getting dressed, leaving home, walking down a hall…they all require a whole lot of flexibility, but in a good way. We’ve learned he’s not always being “disobedient” he just does everything with his own personality. So we dance to the car, or hide from people at Barnes and Noble (and freak them out) as we go to the bathroom. Silliness.

IMG_7167 IMG_7333 IMG_7437

IMG_1750 IMG_1292 d5f67826-dd93-44f2-a252-84d2c0c4d7be 541ee956-90aa-452e-8fcd-8c28d402b66e 76f488b0-8e26-44e1-a5d4-ee0b15001a07


We are still trying hard to figure out where all that silliness comes from…IMG_1264
Emerson is really, REALLY helpful. He will drop almost anything (besides painting) to help. He regularly asks to help put away or wash dishes, vaccum, help feed Micah, drive (umm, no). I love his love to he a helper and that right now it is so fun!

IMG_7211IMG_0024IMG_1098 IMG_1883

We have spent many days doing little “dates” lately! Little boys who are used to all of the attention on them really should still have all of the attention on them sometimes!

IMG_1272 IMG_1473 IMG_1588 IMG_1639 IMG_1656 IMG_1678 IMG_1746


Okay…Micah is still there sometimes. πŸ˜‰

There are moments I look at Emerson and get a glimpse of the compassionate, loving, helpful, silly, man he will one day be. He is supremely thoughtful, loves deeply and adores his family and his little friends. I have to thank God each day for the many gifts we already see in our sweet boy.

Being Emerson must be really fun. πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!



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Now I know my ABC’s

Our little boy turns 2 tomorrow (actually he’s 2 now but I somehow didn’t get this posted). I can barely believe it and at the same time he has seemed 2 for a while and ppl are often surprised he is still 1 when he says something like “I want to get down and play with my cars”. It honestly surprises me too that I can carry on a convo with a one-year old. I am sure it’s fairly normal but I think he’s brilliant.
He’s also counting to 10 (sometimes 11) and just yesterday I overheard him sing his entire ABC’s clear as day. This is something he would probably never do upon request.
This boy just blows me away! And oh by the way, him singing his ABC’s is THE CUTEST thing ever. EVER.
I’m not partial at all. πŸ˜‰

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Shhh…I’m hiding

Emerson loves to hide behind his curtain. He’s basically invisible back there.

IMG_6073 IMG_6074Emerson??


Oh there you are!? Sheesh, I was beginning to worry! πŸ˜‰

You are just the best little “hider”.

IMG_6072 IMG_6070 IMG_6066




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Last week we went to the great state of Oklahoma. As we entered the place we know so well we talked about what we missed about a “bigger” city (compared to Little Rock) and if we could ever see ourselves living there again. At the end of the week as we drove back through those same familiar streets I was just wishing the next six hours would fly by and take us immediately back to our sweet, quaint, precious home. That was Saturday but all I could really think about was Monday. Mondays are sometimes a thing of beauty and sometimes just a bit dreaded in our home. It’s typically the day that follows three glorious days home with daddy, which normally makes the weekends more precious than Monday.

This week was different.

This weekend was different.

This Monday was Oh.So.Different.

Time in Oklahoma is great for Emerson…a few days to take in the love that the grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other familia showers upon him. I love to watch him so happy and relishing in all of his sweet baby glory. It’s priceless and I’m more than willing to let him have time to bond with people other that Adam and I.

By the end of the week however…

I miss my boy. And my boy misses me.

You wouldn’t know it until we got home.

Almost all of Sunday poor daddy was all but completely shunned in order to have me holding him all day.There were a lot of tears during each bathroom break I took, and each time I put him down to do..anything at all. Both of us were just ready for Monday. I knew I’d want Adam to come back home the minute he left but the possessiveness Emerson had displayed towards me Sunday knew. It’s better for everyone for us to have our Monday. It’s weird that a vaca means way more time with dad and way less time with mom…so I guess that would explain that.

Anyways. Today is Monday! Sweet little man is snoozing away at nap time after a fabulous morning of hugs, holding, kisses, falling asleep in my lap (never happens), and of course those “mom needs a potty break” tears.

Tears aside this Monday is just what we needed. I mean, we are both used to four entire days a week together so I think any stay at home mom would understand (or think I’m crazy for missing that routine!). And Adam was more than happy to go get some work done. Staying at home is his “crazy”.

Everyone wins.

Snuggles are enjoyed.

Happy, happy Monday!!


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Emerson’s first trip to the pumpkin patch

Adam and I’s attempts at getting a pic with him. πŸ™‚

This was Emerson’s first pumpkin patch experience. Mommy could go everyday because they are just so fun! When we walked around the corner he exclaimed “BALL” and ran to the pumpkins trying to pick them up. He kept trying until he found the little ones and began throwing all of the “balls” on the ground. It was too cute. We did redirect him to avoid having a little pumpkin smasher on our hands. πŸ˜‰ Β Emerson quickly realized there was hay on the ground so we played with that for a minute…or five and forgot all about the “balls”. πŸ˜‰

We had a great time feeding the lambs, goats, and bunnies. Emerson had no fear and just went right to touching and feeding them. He did whack a Llama that could have bit his head off but it didn’t seem to notice. Poor Llama probably gets a few toddler whacks each day.

We had some food, played, and did a little pumpkin shopping before we headed home.

Boy was our little man tuckered out from that morning of fun. πŸ™‚

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15 months..a letter

Emerson Edward,

I love you. Wow how I love you. I mean that on the really fun days and on the not so fun days…or I should say in the not so fun moments. I just can’t really believe that my heart is capable of this love. It’s wonderful and different from how I feel about anyone else. Just like the way I love your dad isn’t like anyone else.

The months since my last letter have gone by more quickly than any others until this point. I am now understanding why people constantly tell me it goes by quick! It does!

Right now you are developing the sweetest personality. Compassionate, gentle, loving, fun, wild, happy, energetic, focused, observant, quiet, loud, determined, curious, playful…I think the list goes on and on. You just have this special personality that I can’t get enough of and others around you love it as well. At the grocery store you wave to people and smile really big at the sweet older women that talk with you, at FSM you give high fives and let teenage girls fall in love with you, with your friends you are sweet and play well with anyone (although we are learning about sharing), and at home you just play, play, hug, play, hug. Life with you is beyond awesome.

You are saying so many words now! Ball (many, many times a day), dut (duck), mel-K (milk), bup (up), cah (car), oh-shh (ouch), uh-oh, bath, puh-puh (poopoo), book, bye-bye, brefas (breakfast), chuck (truck), diapah, no-no, yeah, momma, Dadda, tanetu (thank you), chus (shoes), choo choo, vroom, bear, shoes, socks, nose, rawr, and you tell us what sound a puppy makes (woo woo). I think that’s a lot of the words but I’m sure I missed a few! You are doing really well in the communication department! When we ask you if you want to eat, need a diaper change, want to go outside, put your shoes on, etc. you respond with walking to the appropriate room for those things and pointing. I’m kind of amazed by this. It’s probably typical but I think you are a genius!

You have a sensitive side to you that is very endearing. When anyone cries you cry. When a child gets hurt on the playground you survey the scene, watching them and there parent with concern until they seem okay. This is sometimes difficult for you, like when we have an extra baby friend in the house every so often and each time he cries you walk around playing and softly crying at the same time. We started to try out time out a while back and it just hurt your little heart so much to feel in trouble. Now you put you put yourself there at appropriate times and mommy doesn’t quite know what to do with that. πŸ˜‰ Your cries are short lived and much less often than this paragraph would make it seem. You are at least 95% happy.

Mommy “getting” your feet.

You are walking like a champ and borderline running. You are observant and think about each step. You love to throw the ball around the house and just today realized you can maneuver it will your feet. Climbing isn’t something you are super pumped about right now and playgrounds are really just there to have a place to play with rocks, wood chips, and the surrounding leaves, grass, trees, sticks, or creeks. In that way you are all boy darling! In the mornings we can hear you jumping or diving in your bed from our room. It’s the real playground in your life. πŸ™‚ and it’s adorable. One thing daddy and I both adore is that if you see a large crack or metal piece in a sidewalk or on a bridge you stop and crawl over it. Even if its completely level. It’s so cute..soooo cute.

Sleep. You are mostly sleeping through the night every night. That was a long time coming and I am just praying that sickness doesn’t strike like last winter keeping you up night after night. Lets all pray! Naps are typically 2 1/2-3 hours. Yes please. You stopped taking two naps a while back. I’d read that I’d know you’re ready when you didn’t take a good second nap. Well, the hour of bed jumping and playful noises was a pretty clear indication. We both really enjoy the change. I feel like I get more time to myself AND more time with you! πŸ™‚ win, win!

Food. You love it. ALL of it. Bananas, grapes, and avocado are at the top of the list but anything will do. You feed yourself with a fork or spoon really well. You love milk and water. You don’t drink juice or anything else, but you get oranges and apples so I think you’re good. Like I said before, you cry once you know you are getting food until its in your tray. We are working on that. πŸ™‚

Toys. You love cars, balls, trains, puzzles, blocks, and your golf club. You seem to enjoy toys that require thinking and imagination. You have other toys but really go for those most of the time. As I write this post I realize more and more how much like your dad you already are. I know you won’t be exactly alike and may have different interests but the way you think seems so similar. You have taken an intense interest in cleaning. Anytime mommy has a rag or broom you run over saying “eh, eh” which means “me, me…I’d like that!”. Well, I have to admit you’re a good little helper. I find you cleaning your mess before I get to it some days after meals! We bought you a small broom and you’ll walk around trying to find pieces of things on the floor. Gosh, you are precious. Let’s see when you’re a teenager if you still love to clean so much! πŸ˜‰

baby tush πŸ™‚

We are thinking about trying to potty train because you seem pretty curious. I have to admit I’m a little intimidated and I don’t mind you waiting, but we will see. I’m sure you could do it! You often look at me and say “puh-puh” and then I hear you…poo-poo. πŸ™‚

I am sure you are at least 25 pounds although we haven’t been to the doctor yet to see.

You had a recent growth spurt so I’m curious what your height is. I know we changed out all of your clothes after that and skipped a shoe size. Big boy!

I could go on for days about you. You’re perfect. That’s the gist. I know you aren’t technically perfect but you kind of are to me. You’re the crazy, sweet little mess I always wanted! The first three months into your second year of life have been full of joy. Your daddy and I love you so much and are enjoying all of these new things you are doing and having so much fun getting to be a part of it all!

Love you forever!!

Mommy πŸ™‚

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Faker, faker..

He’s a stinker I tell you. E has taken up fake coughing for attention. He know which cough makes me whip my head around and say “are you okay!?” and now he mimics it. Faker. I can’t even always tell the real from the fake, But as soon as I turn he flashes his three toothed (almost four) and giggles.
Worlds cutest little darn faker.


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Ever so sweetly….

I think Emerson does many, many a thing ever so sweetly. Some things ever so loudly, funnily but one thing Β just gets me every time.

It’s when he takes to being a sweet little song bird. Typically at night as I hold him next to his crib and sing to him while he snuggles…cheek to cheek. I am not sure if he knows, but if he’d sing all night long I would be there…holding him all.night.long.

The softest voice that goes up and down as I do in the sweetest little “ahhh” or “hmmm” and then continues for a moment after I end.

Oh goodness baby boy. Please sing to me ever so sweetly forever and ever for the rest of time.

I love you.


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After days and days of “dada, dada, dada, dada” to anything and everything we have moved on. Poor “Dada” has said that the word has lost it’s magic and sadly it’s pretty true. As he was once the only dada, I am now dada, and momma is rare..very very rare. Usually it accompanies tears for something and comes out sounding pitiful. But gone are the days of “bawa (ball), dutt (duck), boot (book)” and so on.

So what’s the next big thing this week/month?

Our happy one year old will gladly ask “Whasat?”, while pointing at unknown object about 250 times a day. What’s that? Sometimes we actually get a “what is that?” very clearly and I’m amazed.

Emerson asked his question in the direction of the post office employee today and the man stopped and said, “Oh my, that was so clear?! How old is he?”. I won’t lie…I was pretty darn proud to say he just turned a year. I not only get to tell him his age which excites me by itself but along with it I was getting to say (without saying), “yep, my son says a sentence at a year”. And yes I’m bragging. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure it’s all one word to him but to me he’s a genius! (I may be a tad biased) Β πŸ˜‰

I guess this is a small taste of what it’s going to be like when he can really talk and never stops…and he keeps his mommy sharp. I mean, what are those things that suction to the bottom of the tub?…or the million things at Hobby Lobby? As of now it’s all an ornament, vase, or decorative item! Ha. If he says “decorative item” next I’m calling for reinforcements… πŸ˜‰

Now you know what I’m doing all day.



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It’s been a while!

Wow. LOTS has been going on with us and around us lately. Sad to say that most of the around us has been just plain heart breaking and overwhelming to many of the people we love. I think it’s taken me a while to digest it all and even have a desire to get back into writing about anything. If it’s affected me the way it has, well it’s hard to really know how it’s truly been for my friends and family. So. If you get a moment, or we randomly pop into your mind maybe you could say a little prayer for some lovely people that you probably don’t know. That would be so nice.

Along with all of that, my sweet husband has been/will be gone for 3 1/2 out of 5 weeks. Yikes. I am such a buddy person (I’d rather have a buddy alongside than do life alone) that it’s really gotten me down this past month. I honestly have had many conversations with myself reminding me that other women do this for long periods of time while their hubby travels for work or to serve our country, and others are parenting solo all of the time. All in all, it’s not that bad. It’s just a necessary season. One of the reasons is so that Adam could finish his Master’s degree! Yay! (more on that another time) and so that he can travel with a bunch of pretty awesome students to different mission trips. Pretty sweet deal on his end AND I get to hang with one VERY sweet little almost ONE year old so besides the whole not having anyone to converse with besides a little tike who typically responds with a “uh-uhhh”, or “dada” I really have a pretty sweet deal as well. This boy has me working hard for the mommy title lately. THAT’S.FOR.SURE.

E went through a growth spurt recently that sent his little emotions into hysterics with days full of whining and crying and snuggles (which I’ll gladly take) and nights full of a repeat of the first two. He’s bitten me and drawn blood a couple of times with a cute new tooth coming in and a good little, painful pinch is just what mommy needs when he’s tired. Yayy! It’s been fun. You might think I’m being sarcastic and in some ways I am but when I look back at the month, we really have had fun.

That second tooth popped through with no real notice and I see a third coming as well. Emerson has become a pro at chase which we really do play for most of the time we are home. It’s like this. Play with a toy…Emerson randomly takes off towards the table or kitchen and then looks back with the sweetest smile to let you know to put on a crazy face, say “I’m gonna get you!”, and go after him as he laughs and laughs. The best part is when you are “getting him” but keep letting him get away and he slows down to a snail crawl, puts his face down, and laughs uncontrollably. So funny I can’t stand it. His laugh at times is very raspy and deep like a 90 year old smokers might be and that also gets mommy rolling with laughter. Emerson now snuggles with the kitchen floor and looks up with a big smile. Who knows…maybe the cold floor feels good but it’s dang cute I tell you.

The words duck, momma, dada, nun (no), dat (that), buht (ball)…all regulars around here along with repeating things we say. I’ve been trying to teach him a couple of baby signs so that we don’t have to scream when we want something and the other day we were doing “more”. Emerson was obviously irritated with this nonsense and wanted no part of it. After around ten minutes of eating with the practice of the word he looks up at me sternly and says aloud and with frustration, “MOwa! (more)”. Hmmm…good job. This has now happened a few times…at least he’s learning something! Another funny Emerson eating/communicating moment was the other day at good old Chick-fil-a (loved by moms of young children everywhere). I sat with a couple friends, a couple kids and Emerson. I was getting his food ready when he began to scream, tense up his body and shake somewhat violently. I was unaffected by this. I honestly didn’t notice anything but the scream. My friends however asked while laughing, “does he always shake like that when you make his food?” Yes. He certainly does. It’s so dramatic and ridiculous that I thought he might be having a ciezure the first time he did it. I was so freaked out I watched him for like an hour. Nothing wrong but a kid who is borderline crazy about food. We all laughed as he continued his rant until the food was in front of him. I don’t overly hurry with his food. I don’t cater to his little baby tantrums (I don’t think?), but yet he always goes into a panic the moment he has to wait for anything.. Is this normal? I know some kids are laid back and others aren’t…Emerson in many ways is very laid back but in other ways…Holy Potatoes I’m not sure what he’s doing! Do I laugh? Do I correct? Does he understand? Am I underestimating his ability to understand? My biggest questions of the moment friends. No. My biggest question since Emerson decided as a hungry one day old to go from calm to OH MY LORD SCREAMING in .5 seconds in the hospital. Please don’t let me need the nanny lady from TV! Seriously. Currently I am reading or have read books about discipline and bringing up boys. How to connect and correct and love and yada yada. Lets hope they prepare us at least a little for raising the baby love of my life. No, lets pray.

So I got a little off track there. Emerson. He is SO close to walking. He stands solo often while he plays until he realizes it and then falls to the floor. It’s cute. He is a master crawler and loves to play with his ball, blue teddy, paci, spoons, bowls, pans, and walker that he walks behind… I think he believes that the walker chooses to run into things because he looks at it and laughs when it does as if that walker is just a regular old jokester. πŸ™‚ Mommy and Daddy are his favorite play buddies and our favorite place to play is the bath or the pool. We take lots of walks various places and Emerson might have more friends than I do. πŸ™‚

Our boy is keeping us on our toes and we love it. He is so wonderful for our family and makes us laugh more than we ever have. I think he’s a keeper. πŸ˜‰

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