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A snapshot(s) of our week

There is something (every single thing) I love about fall. Have I mentioned that much? 😉 yes. I’m a fall-aholic and I’m not ashamed.
This week felt the most “fall” thus far. Adam and I took Emerson with us on one of our traditional “drive around just to drive around”..drives and went thru a beautiful little area that was just trees covering the road from both sides and beginning to turn those just gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows. Yummy. I’d rarely put those inside my home (although the hall bath is a random burst of fall) but outside? Yes please! Okay so pretty drive, I’ll stop with that. 🙂
Emerson played outside in a hoodie (love them, could maybe live in them) several times and gathered some leaves. He thought that was pretty special. He is getting so good at running and throwing his little ball down the hill just laughing away as mom or dad run to get it and throw it back. Cuteness. 🙂
We had a fun girls night out (first since moving here, long time coming, hallelujah) with the ladies from our community (d) group. Our group is new and its really fun getting to know everyone. We took a pic and contemplated retaking it but thought it’d be fun to look back on and see how we’ve grown closer since that first night out (as we are sitting a weee bit apart). It really was fun though and I’m so enjoying these couples God has placed us with.


Emerson had his little friend over and they had a great time. They dressed up as Superman and Captain America (their request of course) 😉 and saved the world and wrestled a little. They had fun and its really sweet to see them to begin playing together and not just beside each other!




Oh little boys wrestling…I was glad Emerson didn’t cry and was actually laughing! Doesn’t always happen that way. 😉
Emerson got put in time out for yet again getting on the fireplace. Put it on Facebook, the whole world thought it was sad. Mommy loves it. No lie I do not mind the short lived tears because we have gone from 300 times a day saying “no no…walk away..” or some other redirection that doesn’t work to no more than four times. Yes twice a day (maybe once now and sometimes none) he goes a climbing and I remove him and say “walk away. If you get on the fireplace again you’ll go to time out”. Emerson looks at the corner, says no no and then either walks away or decide to see how serious I am. Then we are done. Love.

Today we went to the zoo for a quick outing (if you know our zoo you know this is very possible) and here is all Emerson saw. One giraffe and whatever these are…

Where have all of the animals gone? Not to the zoo. 🙂 we still had a great time and the zoo placed many many “balls” around for Emerson’s enjoyment (I think the lack of animals went unnoticed to him, he had a great time).

“Ball” 🙂

That’s what we call precious. Love father son moments.
Mommy made a couple crafts, went shopping with a sweet friend, and we mostly enjoyed family time.
Great week all in all. I really want to rhyme that with fall. 😉

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