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A little summer catch up

Summer has begun, and all things good and warm and leisurely are in full swing.
The top to do’s for every summer:
Find places to pick berries or fruit of any kind and head there for wayyy too many of something.
Take at least one road trip.
Make and eat a gazillion popsicles.
Have visits from all the grands.
Celebrate E’s bday.
Grill a lot and go to the pool some more.

That’s about it, aside from our normal daily activities. We LOVE it.
So far we have crossed a few things off our list and are quickly working on the rest.
Strawberry picking with our neighbors was our first big outing and oh boy were those berries delicious. So delicious Emerson had an “uck tummy” on the way home. Apparently we do have a berry limit.







We also saw quite a few planes, which always makes the day better.;) after picking we came home and had a picnic with the boys next door…I must say that Micah may grow up thinking he has three brothers bc these boys are just so sweet with him!
That same week we went to a local mountain (it’s a stretch to call it that) and had the final FSM before summer officially kicked off.







I saw some small group girls, E and his little friend got soccer coaching from their dads, M chilled, E chose new adult friends, fun was had.:)
I am grateful for the wonderful first few weeks of summer, the great weather and people to share it with.





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Wordless Wednesday: fun all around












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A snapshot(s) of our week

There is something (every single thing) I love about fall. Have I mentioned that much? πŸ˜‰ yes. I’m a fall-aholic and I’m not ashamed.
This week felt the most “fall” thus far. Adam and I took Emerson with us on one of our traditional “drive around just to drive around”..drives and went thru a beautiful little area that was just trees covering the road from both sides and beginning to turn those just gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows. Yummy. I’d rarely put those inside my home (although the hall bath is a random burst of fall) but outside? Yes please! Okay so pretty drive, I’ll stop with that. πŸ™‚
Emerson played outside in a hoodie (love them, could maybe live in them) several times and gathered some leaves. He thought that was pretty special. He is getting so good at running and throwing his little ball down the hill just laughing away as mom or dad run to get it and throw it back. Cuteness. πŸ™‚
We had a fun girls night out (first since moving here, long time coming, hallelujah) with the ladies from our community (d) group. Our group is new and its really fun getting to know everyone. We took a pic and contemplated retaking it but thought it’d be fun to look back on and see how we’ve grown closer since that first night out (as we are sitting a weee bit apart). It really was fun though and I’m so enjoying these couples God has placed us with.


Emerson had his little friend over and they had a great time. They dressed up as Superman and Captain America (their request of course) πŸ˜‰ and saved the world and wrestled a little. They had fun and its really sweet to see them to begin playing together and not just beside each other!




Oh little boys wrestling…I was glad Emerson didn’t cry and was actually laughing! Doesn’t always happen that way. πŸ˜‰
Emerson got put in time out for yet again getting on the fireplace. Put it on Facebook, the whole world thought it was sad. Mommy loves it. No lie I do not mind the short lived tears because we have gone from 300 times a day saying “no no…walk away..” or some other redirection that doesn’t work to no more than four times. Yes twice a day (maybe once now and sometimes none) he goes a climbing and I remove him and say “walk away. If you get on the fireplace again you’ll go to time out”. Emerson looks at the corner, says no no and then either walks away or decide to see how serious I am. Then we are done. Love.

Today we went to the zoo for a quick outing (if you know our zoo you know this is very possible) and here is all Emerson saw. One giraffe and whatever these are…

Where have all of the animals gone? Not to the zoo. πŸ™‚ we still had a great time and the zoo placed many many “balls” around for Emerson’s enjoyment (I think the lack of animals went unnoticed to him, he had a great time).

“Ball” πŸ™‚

That’s what we call precious. Love father son moments.
Mommy made a couple crafts, went shopping with a sweet friend, and we mostly enjoyed family time.
Great week all in all. I really want to rhyme that with fall. πŸ˜‰

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terrific twosome takes a trip

Terrific twosome: Emerson and myself.

We took a trip! A 6 hour drive in the car by ourselves kind of trip! Crazy? Kinda. But it was great!

all ready to hit the road!

Daddy Sauer went on yet another (but almost the last one) trip to Chicago to take a class for his masters degree (he’s almost done! whoot!). These trips are SIX DAY TRIPS! What’s a momma to do!? A couple times E and I have just stayed home ad most of those times he has gotten sick and the weeks have been LONNNNG. I have tremendous respect for single mommies who are the solo parent 24/7. It’s tough even for just a week! I also have a new found gratefulness for all that Adam does when he is home. By the end of the week I’m usually sporting the jammies and a spit up shirt. :/ That’s the real deal folks. I wasn’t about to do it again. I FOR SURE wasn’t having a sick child again either so poor baby E was basically quarunteened for the week and a half before we left. No nursery, no play time, NO CHILDREN. I also decided we would mosey on over to Oklahoma to see friends and family for the week.

The road trip (6 hours in the car) was my biggest fear for the week…and we had to do it twice! yikes! To my surprise E did amazing! Aside from one very sad 30 minutes of wailing for a “ba-ba” and being unable to stop because we weren’t near anything, he did not shed a tear. He took a couple of naps and each time he woke up he gazed at his beautiful self in his mirror and played! What a relief! I strongly recommend one of those mirrors for the car and a variety of toys to switch out. Also, we planned a half way “long” lunch lunch so he could stretch out a little. It was great! The way back was equally calm and wonderful!

The week itself was awesome. We saw family and friends. Emerson met a his great-grandma for the first time and a couple other baby friends. Mommy got a haircut because my best haircuts are always by Oklahoma gals! E and I bunked up in a room at my mom and step-dad’s house and got to spend some great quality time with my brother and fam. My mom was SUCH a help with Emerson. I was scattered without everything in proper place so having some assistance was a great GREAT thing. My brother is always super sweet to Emerson and plays with him more than most 10 year olds would. Too cute. Β Emerson saw the Okc zoo with some friends…love LR but the Okc zoo is SOOO much better. Not that we will ever pass up the zoo!

formal greetings πŸ˜‰

at the zoo with his buds

he definitely saw this animal! and then cried a little..

...i guess it was too much for both of them...don't make eye contact...

mommies and boys ... around their age when we met πŸ™‚

hanging with Nene at the school store

ps..I don’t “pop” his collar, it just wouldn’t stay down

grandma sauer πŸ™‚

and grandpa (i guess i forgot the caption)

4 generations πŸ™‚

Those last few pics are with Emerson’s great-grandma…he was such the wiggle worm with her and it was as always…precious. πŸ˜‰ Then we introduced him to my mom’s long time gal pal Amy!

All in all we had a wonderful time and daddy got his class finished! Β Adam got an early flight home so Emerson and I swung by and picked him up on our way home and ended the trip as our happy little family. πŸ™‚

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I never knew how fascinating they could be until Emerson showed me.

Now I know.

Take him outdoors.

If he hears a tree rustling around…nothing else exists.

If he gets a hold of a leaf…nothing else exists.

A stick…pshht. nothing else.

Not me. Not you. Not a car, a dog, people, playgrounds, water, cameras. NOTHING.

He is entranced.

This cracks me up. His daddy and I enjoy watching him go off into his own world to figure out the trees or the leaves. He studies them. No play. Just deep, thoughtful, studying. It’s precious.

Daddy has a leaf trying to entice him to look at the camera πŸ™‚

Ha. This was an attempt to get a couple of pics of him and us on his baby dedication day…I actually love these because they capture exactly what Emerson was like on that day and at that stage of his life.

Here are a few more we managed to get.

When our original plan fails…give in and play. πŸ™‚

Leaves are fun anyway. πŸ™‚

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Let’s have a picnic!

I am telling you since I took pics of everything but our picnic…that this was our first picnic of the year, and our first with Emerson.
Emerson mostly played with grass.
Mommy and daddy ate and played with Emerson.
Good times. πŸ™‚



Attempting a family pic. πŸ™‚






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The Bean

Before you proceed…know that I realize how ridiculous this post is AND that you may not laugh because maybe it’s one of those “you just had to be there” moments.

(Plus I forgot to post it so it actually happened approximately two weeks ago.

Okay, go.


I am cooking. Getting ready to leave for the staff wives retreat and making some chili for Adam. At the same time I am making pop tarts and nilla wafers. And a pizza.

It’s a mess.’s a disaster area.

I drop a bean on the floor.

Many, many other things are on the floor.

About ten minutes later this conversation happens:

Adam: (as I continue stepping over the bean) You do realize that bean is still on the floor?

Me: Yes. It’s not cleaning time. πŸ˜‰

A: Are.You. SERIOUS?!

M:Yes. (with a smirk) (we clean a little differently…at the end of his cooking, the kitchen is already clean..if only)

A:You are ridiculous.

M:I know.;)

A: Arggg. (or something like that sound)

A few minutes later Adam enters the kitchen and announces he will “step over the bean”. Very sarcastic tone people.

M: Thanks. πŸ™‚

I love his acceptance of my ridiculous kitchen behavior…


I know you want to see the bean:

Then sick, half-dressed, Emerson “sits” on the bean so we made up a song about sittin on a bean. He was ecstatic about his new bean song.

Fun times.


Have a lovely day.

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My own kind of high.

I don’t need drugs people.

I need a craft.

I want them.

I crave them.

And this past weekend (actually 2 weekends ago now), I was on a big craft high. It was wonderful.

I have a friend who has a blog that has a tutorial for how to applique a shirt. HOW did I never do this before? Might be a new favorite hobby (thanks Mandy). I made three shirts to start off and I’m sure I’m so nerdy/ridiculous to Adam. I’m like “LOOK! It’s so awesome! AND I made this one! And this one! And oh my gosh I can’t wait to make this one!” I’m way to excited. Geezz…

I also decided our front door looked a Β little bland…all green and apartment-ish looking. So I decided to make a Valentines wreath.

I also have a friend who was having her one year olds b-day party and I was thrilled to get to make the cake and cupcakes! I was kind of on top of the world at that moment. Β I have said before that I plan to finish my cake decorating classes but I just haven’t gotten around to it SO…I was super excited to get to make a cake. It’s not perfect (which is hard for me) but it was so fun to make! It was also a bit messy which makes it even better. πŸ™‚ Emerson is seriously going to love baking with me.

Birthday boy was a fan of the cake. And oh-so adorable having his first taste of the sweet life.

Emerson was a big fan of the balloons.


In between all of this craftiness I hung out with the boys at home. The birthday party was incorporated into the superbowl which was a GRAND idea and so much fun.



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