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Peach pickin’


Sweet juicy peaches.

Perfect for smoothies, grilling, cobbler, jam….yummm. And perfect for pickin’.

We are so lucky to be next door neighbors with a sweet family with two boys, one pretty close to Emerson’s age. So we decided to venture out to the peach orchard together!

Let me tell you the highlights of the trip:

The drive was fun and the kids were entertained getting to sit next to each other so we had some time to chat as mommy friends. Always fun. 🙂

Both boys ate peaches until they were filled to the brim…then they got in the car and had snacks. Boys.

We got some sweet pics of the boys while they could just play. Places where boys can run and be a little wild are just the best!

It was a beautiful day! Perfect really.

A few times I looked at Emerson and realized he was finishing off a peach. But….don’t peaches have pits? Maybe these were magical pitless peaches. Or maybe….?

IMG_6443 IMG_6451 IMG_6458 IMG_6461 IMG_6465 IMG_6477 IMG_6490 IMG_6492 IMG_6498 IMG_6501 IMG_6505



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Hunting down a Christmas tree

Apparently I forgot to publish a couple of posts…lets for back about a month..:)

Since the vows Adam and I have always opted for an artificial tree. I’m not sure we’ve ever had a full size one but we have done several tabletops and one propped up by a box on one side because the leg broke and we were also…broke. 😉 Adam has mentioned through the years his longing for a real, beastly tree in all of its evergreen smelling glory. This year was it! We went with some sweet friends and their youngster to find and cut down our perfect tree. Honestly we asked if someone could cut it for us and the reply that “eight years olds do this” got us in the sawing spirit.
We hunted and hunted and hunted some more. Then we decided to go look down the way and took a fun wagon ride together. It was such a fun memory together to find a tree cut it down, swing, watch some piglets race, and ride on a wagon! Finally we did find a tree and Adam cut it down (in about 23 seconds). It’s not beastly, but its perfect!



Oh the excitement of the pig race!!!


Mommy did not get the “look at the camera and don’t close your eyes” memo 🙂

Look at that lumberjack! 😉

So glad there are fun things like this to go do and make sweet memories.

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