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Mustard and Navy.

I somehow stumbled upon mustard and navy for our last family pic color scheme. And when I say stumbled I mean Adam said he wanted to wear a specific shirt which had those colors and so the rest of us followed suit.

It was a really fun morning getting our pics taken. I am certain Emerson never knew what was going on beyond him running from us and playing with grass which we just went with. Our photographer was wonderful and captured just what we hoped for. Our primary reason for taking pics was to put them in our adoption photo book because any married person knows that most of your pics end up being selfies. And then you have a kid and most of your pics don’t even include you. Plus my eyes like pretty things so I was kind of wanting some pretty pictures for our book. 🙂 Sorry selfies!

Here are my favorites from the fun-filled morning!

KSp03 KSp07 KSp10 KSp11 KSp12 KSp13 KSp14 KSp16 KSp18 KSp22 KSp23 KSp25 KSp06

I kind of love them. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed them too!


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I love to stumble across pictures I had forgotten about.  A couple of the grandparents have been mentioning the lack of posts so this one should do the trick. Pictures are here! 🙂

Those first gems are all from E’s first birthday. What a delicious little chunk we have. Yumm.

I am almost embarrassed to show the next ones in the same post as the pro pics…but he still looks precious and handsome and just yummy so here they are. 😉

Mommy loves a good drool pic 🙂

Our sweet baby is looking so much like a little boy! How precious are these days with this little man.




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