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Easter fun!

Well…one of the things I almost dislike about blogging is that holidays make it REALLY obvious when I’m way behind on my posts. But then again, if you know me in “real” life…you already understand. So…

He is Risen! Ha. Fortunately Easter marks the yearly celebration of that fact so in reality I am not behind in saying that. He is always risen! (but the eggs might be bad by now :/).

So Easter for us is not really all that different since having a babe…he isn’t even one so there is really no need for any big hoopla in that area, but we did have a vastly different Easter from previous from the church point of view. My dad was in town at the time so he attended Good Friday service and Easter service with us. I find so much joy in going to church these days! I try (although I often fail) to worship God with all of my days so when I haven’t enjoyed Sundays as much for a period of time it isn’t and shouldn’t be that big of a deal because the church is an addition place for community, accountability, worship, etc. and my life with the Lord goes on even when that lacks. Even so, I am seriously looking forward to each time I get to enter the doors of our current church! Anyways, all that to say both services were thought provoking and challenging and focused us more on the cross. Thank you Jesus. 🙂

We also got the chance to work in the nursery and ended up in Emerson’s room. That age is hilarious…basically crawling around tearing each other’s name tags off and trying to eat them while we try to not let that happen. I think we had them all at the end. I think. 😉

On Easter afternoon we got to go to an Easter dinner with some lovely new friends and have an egg hunt. Emerson didn’t really participate but was very happy when given an egg. 🙂

We also did a small Easter basket for him with bubbles, bath toys, and an Easter book. That was the best part…sitting around together reading his new book to him and reflecting on the power of the cross. I am sure there will be resurrection bread and eggs, and bunnies in our future but for now the simplicity is wonderful.

For me?

Don’t mind if I do. 🙂

For me? Can we go take a bath now

I love it!


He is Risen indeed!


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Grandpa Days

We were excited to have my dad visit recently for a little over a week. Living in another country only allows him to see Emerson maybe two times per year so it had been since E was a couple of weeks old since the last visit. Wow, have things changed! We live in another state and Emerson is no longer sleeping or crying the whole day, he is EVERYWHERE (with a little sleeping and crying mixed in).

The day my dad arrived Emerson didn’t seem himself so we made the call to the doctor. I could practically have my own perscription pad for ear infection meds. I mean if you have a kid with them as often as E you get pretty familiar with the early signs. Boo. Thankfully that stuff kicks in very quickly and we only had one night of pretty sketchy sleep. I was pretty concerned that we may have a very tired grandpa during his visit. 🙂

Emerson didn’t quite know what to make of this new person in our home. He warmed up to him very quickly and they played together a ton but anytime they weren’t directly interacting Emerson was intensely staring him down like, “I like you, but why are you here?”. Ha. Silly boy. He obviously loved having him around!

We got to show my dad where we go to church and around the city a little. We also went to the zoo, which is always a fun time and then the playground and walks and other various outings! So glad he got to spend so much time with Emerson and we Adam and myself! And we get to see him again next month! Oh, and he got to see Emerson start crawling!

Emerson, mom, and dad had a blast with grandpa!


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This is the Dream

We put on Praise Baby this morning (Christian equivalent of Baby Einstein) to watch as a family before nap time. Times when Emerson is setting still these days are few and far between so we cherish them all by themselves but today Emerson just totally outdid himself. Adam laid on the couch with him and in the middle of his show he looked over at daddy and put out his hand until Adam held it, he then turned the other way and held out the other to me. I OF COURSE snatched that opportunity! He then went back to watching his show while holding our hands. Ughhh…kill me with your sweetness son. I love you!


After that beautiful moment he cuddled up, almost fell asleep and then laid down with dad….



THEN he decided mommy needed to get in on this… He reached out to me (this is serious people, this kid is all over the place and we just want to suggggle!), so I laid down. That was good for a sec but then my hair made him a bit hyper (as always).



Awww. And yes this in the morning and we look like boo boo but let’s not focus on that. K? 😉
At one point Adam says, “I can’t believe he is doing this! This is the dream.” isn’t that the truth? Don’t you just wait for those sweet, rare moments when your go, go, go kid stops and lets you soak up some baby lovin!?

Love this child of ours!


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Park it.

Have mentioned lately that the weather is awesome right now!? Lots of time to go for walks or go to the park…hopefully we’ll make it to the zoo soon as well! Emerson is a park kind of guy at the moment, and I am pretty sure that he would rather be outside than anywhere else. He is the kiddo that wants to be moving as much as possible and since he can’t technically move on his own yet…somebody else should be moving him around ( in his mind ). Outside is the one place that he is ALWAYS happy…even sitting still. He loves it, daddy and I love it. So basically we go outside any moment we are able.

Emerson took his first ride down the slide this past week and I’m not too sure he’s convinced that he likes it yet but he does enjoy a good swinging. Whether on a lap or in the baby swing he’s a smilin!

We have met several friends while at the playground. This week a little girl (who I did get the name of but I never quite understood her) came up and wanted to see Emerson. She was a cute little three year old whose birthday is, by her estimation, “the day I turn 4, that’s when I turn 4”. Very wise. She spent quite the long time entertaining us with her Crayola backpack (that I called pink and was corrected sternly…apparently it was purple..but it was pink), her butfy (butterfly) doll and her trip to the zoo. Yes, we heard all about the taywafs, zebwas, and peengins…it was a wonderful story. She was seriously adorable and gave me a little glimpse into the future. Can I tell you how cute it’s going to be when Emerson says stuff like that. SO DARN CUTE! I don’t even know if I want him to learn to speak properly it’s so cute. Okay, I do. A fifteen year old asking for a dwink might be a bit odd. Yeah…

Well, let me show you our adventures!

This is our about to go to the park and we decided to take a big kitchen spoon with us. And Adam…well I don’t know. Ha!

Eat daddys face for a moment

Notice the spoon on the ground. 😉

Had to pull out the pool hat so he didn't get a sunburn.

I realize a lot of these pictures are basically the same but he is so adorable I couldn’t pick just one! 🙂 Loving this weather and excited for many more park days with our Little Meester!

Have a wonderful Friday friends!


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