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Ya don’t like fruit?

This boy right here:

He won’t eat fruit!

Who me?

Yes you.

That’s silly.

I think so too.

I’ve tried. Banana, apple, plum, peach.

Not happening.

I can try to sneak it in his cereal but even then he only tolerates banana. And if I sneak too much…

Who doesn’t like fruit?

I mean…

This news in down right shocking…

I agree my love…I agree.

🙂 But you’re still perfect 🙂

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The Bean

Before you proceed…know that I realize how ridiculous this post is AND that you may not laugh because maybe it’s one of those “you just had to be there” moments.

(Plus I forgot to post it so it actually happened approximately two weeks ago.

Okay, go.


I am cooking. Getting ready to leave for the staff wives retreat and making some chili for Adam. At the same time I am making pop tarts and nilla wafers. And a pizza.

It’s a mess.’s a disaster area.

I drop a bean on the floor.

Many, many other things are on the floor.

About ten minutes later this conversation happens:

Adam: (as I continue stepping over the bean) You do realize that bean is still on the floor?

Me: Yes. It’s not cleaning time. 😉

A: Are.You. SERIOUS?!

M:Yes. (with a smirk) (we clean a little differently…at the end of his cooking, the kitchen is already clean..if only)

A:You are ridiculous.

M:I know.;)

A: Arggg. (or something like that sound)

A few minutes later Adam enters the kitchen and announces he will “step over the bean”. Very sarcastic tone people.

M: Thanks. 🙂

I love his acceptance of my ridiculous kitchen behavior…


I know you want to see the bean:

Then sick, half-dressed, Emerson “sits” on the bean so we made up a song about sittin on a bean. He was ecstatic about his new bean song.

Fun times.


Have a lovely day.

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Wordless Wednesday: DO try this at home


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