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You still there?

I just wanted to take a moment to give an update on our adoption fundraising progress, because you may be a big part of that progress financially or prayerfully or…just coriosity-ully. See what I did there?!;)
Two ish months ago we sent out letters and posted online that we are adoption and raising $ for the expenses that go towards that. Our goal is 18,000 and in two months we have been so blessed and overwhelmed to receive over 6,000 in addition to what we continue to add! Whoop!! Whatever part you have in this process, thank you times like a million!!!
We are continuing to work towards that larger number but I’m amazed at how far God has brought us! Yip yip for Jesus! (If you have a Diego watching boy you understand yip yip)
We should hear back about grants in the next couple of months so please pray with us for good news on that front!
We appreciate your support more than you could ever know!:)
Here’s the link to see our progress if you’re interested (no pressure, but if you are, click on that bad boy!) !

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Raising funds: taking the jump

When Adam and I began to think about adoption we seldom thought about the money required..not in those first few months anyway. Of course we wanted to know the numbers but there is a key thing that has happened in our life together:

If God asks us to be willing, He makes a way.

It never fails. So our big question wasn’t, “can we afford it” but “is God leading us to adopt”. Yes. God’s character screams adoption from the tangible adoption of a child without a home to the saving Grace He pours out when He adopts us into the family of God. Sometimes it’s not a yes to adopt, but a yes to sponsor, or pray for…and then sometimes, it’s time. Time to open that exciting yet scary door to your heart and wait to love a baby not born into your own arms, but into your future. We know that’s for us, and we are so so ready.

But here’s the thing I am learning now. Asking for others to come alongside us and join financially in the efforts to bring home a child is well…it’s not easy. It’s actually really hard to ever ask for support (silly)! It’s taking me to the edge of the biggest ledge I have ever been on and I’m not sure I want to jump. But I have to! I have to put away my pride and just see what God does! Does He ever NOT make a way when He leads us? Of course He does! 🙂


To do what we can do, we have saved and paid a little over $5,000 and will continue to ration and save anywhere we can (without taking away where we feel God has called us to give), I am starting an Etsy shop in a couple of weeks (because I taught myself to sew!) so that I can contribute too. We have also applied (along with lots of other deserving families) for grants that we qualify for.

Also! Over the next several months I will update my blog/facebook and let ya’ll know where we are in our fundraising efforts (to raise a total of 18,000). In the mean time this is the link where you can join us financially in bringing our baby home. On that page is a letter giving more detail. Please pray about whether or not you can and will support us in that way. Every dollar counts! It REALLY does! And on our very first day we got two donations that made me cry (which may happen every time but that’s not shocking).


Thanks for taking the time to read about our journey! I hope through this I get to hear other people’s stories as well!

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