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Last month marked Adam and I’s eighth year of marriage so we decided it was about time we get away just the two of us. We were once very well traveled humans…and then we had Emerson. It’s a well worth it trade off but this couple needed a vaca and a celebration.
Lucky for us we’ve been blessed with some AMAZING parents/in-laws who were kind enough to come hang out with our babe for a couple of days. It makes a getaway that much better when you know your baby is in good hands and no doubt having fun.
Adam and I journeyed to little spot just outside of Branson and had a glorious time. We chatted, played some games, explored the area, and had some good couple time.

A little Starbucks pit stop to start the weekend right. 🙂

Horse shoes…who would have thought I’d be a horse shoe champ?! Maybe you’ll see me in the next competition you attend. 😉



We had a great anniversary dinner by candle light…ahhh the romance. 🙂 (pic below…idk why) Each morning we dined and sipped coffee at a cottag-y little coffee shop. Cutest little place ever.
The eighth anniversary was a very very good one. It was a little hard to leave!




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FSM and family fun

It’s been a whirlwind of trips these past few weekends and it’s been great!
Our most current adventure took us to the great state of Missouri with close to one hundred seventh and eight graders (my dream trip with youth, no joke), a handsome hubby and a superb baby sitter.
Adam and I went to Silver Dollar City on our own while E and H stayed behind at the hotel. That’s right, Adam and I were without child for about six hours. Holy moly! It was a great time and we also got to see a show. I did miss Emerson and we weren’t exactly alone since it was a youth trip! I got to hang out with a few of my small group girls and just had some overall fun.

Emerson got his first taste of riding in a stroller at SDC and then his very first kiddie ride! We got it on video and he had zero expression as he and mommy road a frog ride. Haha. Cracks me up.





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friends, fun, and firsts

There is many a day when I greatly miss my friends…greatly. A few weeks ago I was really having one of those days that I just wanted to see one of the handful of ladies that I will always cherish as my friends. Lucky for me the very next day we were headed to the lake with one of those girls and her family…AND her baby belly due to pop soon! 😉 Love baby bellies. 🙂

We talked, ate, drank (water and blue Gatorade), swam, napped, took the Sea-d00’s ( I’m too lazy to spell check that) out….we had fun.

Emerson took his first ride between mom and dad on the SD and fell asleep each time. I was thrilled at how relaxed he was on the thing until I lifted up his hat and realized he was in a deeper sleep than I had ever seen him! Geezz…silly boy! Emerson met a sweet new friend (our friends little boy) and they played with trucks for hours. We also swam a little in the lake which he loved, he slept awesome, and mommy even got to float out on a raft type thing ALL BY MYSELF for about an hour. I contemplated letting myself fall asleep until I wondered if I would drown if I rolled off…that thought woke me up. Daddy got to have some crazy SD time with his friend going fast and turning circles or whatever guys love to do on those things. 😉

The weekend was a blast, but most of all it was just SO nice to spend extended time with a friend I miss so often and our families.






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Hi baby boy,

I just put you to bed and tomorrow morning I am leaving for two days to go to Oklahoma. I’d love to stay home right now because two days without you and your daddy is going to be difficult. You’ve been by my side so much lately, being away from you doesn’t seem like a vacation but I am certain that you and daddy are going to have a terrific time and that you’ll be super wonderful for him so that I can return home and he can tell me how simple it is taking care of you…which is mostly true. 😉 I mean, look at this sweet face…who wouldn’t want to be around you all day every day? I know I do. 🙂

Tonight I rocked you for an extra long time…so long that you finally perked up and lunged toward your crib. That’s okay because before that you laid across my lap looking up at me while I sang to you and then began tracing my face with you tiny sweet fingers. You are such a loving child and that was just what mommy needed as she anxiously awaits leaving tomorrow. I know it will go fast. 🙂 We will both have fun.

I’ll miss you sweet boy.

Love forever and always,


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