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Last month marked Adam and I’s eighth year of marriage so we decided it was about time we get away just the two of us. We were once very well traveled humans…and then we had Emerson. It’s a well worth it trade off but this couple needed a vaca and a celebration.
Lucky for us we’ve been blessed with some AMAZING parents/in-laws who were kind enough to come hang out with our babe for a couple of days. It makes a getaway that much better when you know your baby is in good hands and no doubt having fun.
Adam and I journeyed to little spot just outside of Branson and had a glorious time. We chatted, played some games, explored the area, and had some good couple time.

A little Starbucks pit stop to start the weekend right. 🙂

Horse shoes…who would have thought I’d be a horse shoe champ?! Maybe you’ll see me in the next competition you attend. 😉



We had a great anniversary dinner by candle light…ahhh the romance. 🙂 (pic below…idk why) Each morning we dined and sipped coffee at a cottag-y little coffee shop. Cutest little place ever.
The eighth anniversary was a very very good one. It was a little hard to leave!




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It was this week! The 7th one! It was our first anniversary that we have a bambino and the first that there is not some huge plan. We decided to do something we almost never do anymore and actually miss quite a bit these days. The classic. Dinner and a movie. That sounds lovely. But I’d like to tell you about our past years…some of the stuff we have done (don’t worry, this isn’t a TMI post).

A couple of years we have gone to a B&B. LOVE those! I mean the ones that are nice (if you have B&B experience you know what I mean). One of those years Adam also took me to this ridiculously large drive-thru Christmas inflatables place. SO funny. I was like 22 and actually way too excited. And I took way too many pictures which I look at now and think, “cute…an inflatable donkey”. Such good memories. But they get better.

By the way, these are Adam planned. Romantic man I have.

We went on a cruise. Of course that’s fun. Sun. Sand. Yes please. 🙂

This one is good. Our FIRST anniversary. It was such a big deal to him that it be perfect so he found this awesome restaurant online that he knew I’d love and we drove there. As we approached it we both got this look of…”ehh?”. It was a gas station. So much laughter.

Then there was the play. Adam got tickets to this play online (noticing an online theme?). It just said the name and the place so what could go wrong? Oh my goodness. We were late and as we entered the dark theatre where we had to go sit in the middle of an aisle that was full, approx. 200 heads whipped around in our direction. Each face looking just as shocked as the one next to it. Then the whispers began and laughter. It was an ALL african-american play and we were the ONLY non AA’s there. We had no problem except that things just got WEIRD. We had to walk up and be all, “excuse me, excuse me” as the entire audience continued to stare and laugh (not in a mean way…just in shock). But we weren’t going to leave right?! So we watched the play which had SEVERAL white people jokes in it. Do we laugh? WHAT DO WE DO? We just laughed. Oh my gosh. Funniest.

Some of these “blooper” anniversaries left us with some of the most wonderful memories.

Last year we stayed at this swanky hotel in St. Louis. It was beautiful and such comfy beds (Adam and I have a weird obsession with evaluating the comfy-ness of hotel beds). Thankful for good deals…online of course. 🙂

Our first year in Ohio.. Might be my favorite. We had just moved and you know moving is pricey with deposits and yadda yadda…so yeah, we were broke-ish. We lived in this little rental house with this loft upstairs area and an unfinished basement. So Adam told me to get dressed up drove me around the block and back home. Ehh? He walked me downstairs and he had covered all of the walls with white lights and had a sign with the name of the “restaurant”, a single table the rose petals and candles and a spot for a dance floor. ROMANTIC! He served me dinner and then put on “our song” and we danced. Afterwards we left the “restaurant” and went outside and back in to another little spot where I got gifts. He had not realized there is that whole tradition of getting like paper for one year, leather for four (those probably aren’t right) so he caught up and had bought something for each of those years. Have I told you my husband is amazing? So after that he took me upstairs where a blanket was laid out and a movie was waiting to be played. Wow. I cried. He is so awesome.

Number seven was just as amazing…because no matter what we do, he is there and he is the common thread in each story that makes them all so amazing.

I love you Adam.

Happy 7th Anniversary…I am so blessed to spend them all with you.


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