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Sleepyhead rises

I’ll never want to forget the way E looks when he wakes up. Groggy, snuggl-icious, sweet, just adorable times adorable time precious. ย ๐Ÿ˜€

Just look at him..

IMG_6191 IMG_6198 IMG_6204 IMG_6206 IMG_6217 IMG_6222 IMG_6229

Don’t mind my toe in that last one (although it is freshly pedicured which is rare so maybe you should take note of it).

But really. Couldn’t he just steal the world from you with that cuteness? And he doesn’t just snuggle with pillows and bears..he will give all kinds of sweet toddler lovin to anyone within arms reach.

LOVE it.



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Just a totally cutsie thing Mr. Emerson did the other night.

Adam began to sing “Oh How He Loves” to Emerson each night a long time ago (maybe from the time he was born). At first I had no clue why he decided on this song but hey it must be special so I jumped on board. So for many many months he has heard this song at bedtime and is starting to get into singing with us. He of course doesn’t know all the words but can bust out a good “OH! HOWW….” ย and a few other repeat words while we sing. He used to hum the rest but not anymore! The other night I was singing and I stopped for a second because Emerson was busting out some major words!

Sweet music to my ears as I listened to my tot sing in his sweetest most passionate of voices, ” OH! How..doggieess..applesaww..gapes, LOVES..milk.”

Who needs to hear mommy sing when E has this beautiful music to sing? It was in tune and his little voice went up and down like when we sing.

How ridiculously cute.

Thanks for that memory son. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Must remember the cuteness

This little guy:

He went with mommy and this other little guy (and his mom)

For a leisurely stroll at Two Rivers today. A couple of supremely cute things happened that I just want to remember.
A sweet older couple came spryly walking up to us and doting over our precious bundles. Like them already. I had torn up a sandwich onto E’s little stroller tray thingy (I’m good with words I know), and the older man says “Mmmmm that sure does look good, can I have some?” I chuckled and said “can you give him a bite?”. Emerson graciously and enthusiastically reached up with a bite of sandwich for him. I knew he would and thought we’d all giggle and move on. Nope. Next thing I know my son is feeding this man a bite and laughing. Yep. he put it in his mouth. Oh my word. We just died laughing, partly at the cuteness of Emerson and partly at the shock of what just occurred. The sweet, precious man said, “I just had to see what he’d do!”. Ahahaha. He and his wife then went to Shane (other bambino) and oogled over him for a good bit.
Thank you precious couple for that sweet and surprising memory.
After this we walked and walked. After a while I looked down and Emerson had fallen asleep with his head on his tray, half in his sandwich. I tried to snap a pic but the little bugger woke right up. Too sweet.
I am forever blessed to have these sweet memories with such a sweet boy.

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