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Now I know my ABC’s

Our little boy turns 2 tomorrow (actually he’s 2 now but I somehow didn’t get this posted). I can barely believe it and at the same time he has seemed 2 for a while and ppl are often surprised he is still 1 when he says something like “I want to get down and play with my cars”. It honestly surprises me too that I can carry on a convo with a one-year old. I am sure it’s fairly normal but I think he’s brilliant.
He’s also counting to 10 (sometimes 11) and just yesterday I overheard him sing his entire ABC’s clear as day. This is something he would probably never do upon request.
This boy just blows me away! And oh by the way, him singing his ABC’s is THE CUTEST thing ever. EVER.
I’m not partial at all. 😉

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I love to stumble across pictures I had forgotten about.  A couple of the grandparents have been mentioning the lack of posts so this one should do the trick. Pictures are here! 🙂

Those first gems are all from E’s first birthday. What a delicious little chunk we have. Yumm.

I am almost embarrassed to show the next ones in the same post as the pro pics…but he still looks precious and handsome and just yummy so here they are. 😉

Mommy loves a good drool pic 🙂

Our sweet baby is looking so much like a little boy! How precious are these days with this little man.




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We’ve had a breakthrough!

After months of rubbing at his mouth and being a tad fussy at times, Emerson has his very first little baby tooth!


Can you see it? Bottom right (your right).

It’s a bit difficult to see but it’s there! Tiny…and sharp! So bring on the cute little baby toothbrush (which he loves).

Along with that, on the same weekend our little Meester began drinking from a sippy cup (maybe we are a little behind on that) and…


Big weekend in these parts. Like I have said before, big things happen when daddy is home for the weekend!

Poor daddy kept telling me and my dad (who was visiting) that Emerson was crawling but every stinkin time we rounded the corner there was zero “crawl”. We may or may not have given daddy a bit of a hard time about Emerson’s imaginary crawling (although we did believe him). It was fun for all and the next day we ALL saw what he had been saying. Little baby Emerson crawling away!

People told me I’d regret saying I wanted him to be able to crawl or walk soon…I said I wouldn’t. I don’t. At all. All of his irritation with being stuck in one place has vanished and he is the happiest I have ever seen him. I love that for him! I actually feel like it’s been a little less strenuous so far. We’ll see. 😉

I (we) are so excited for all of E’s new accomplishments!

Crawl on baby…crawl on.


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