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There is one part of the day with E that kind of tops the rest. It’s when he is due for a nap and I set with him in his glider to give him some time to wind down and to give me a couple cuddles. He almost always does the following..

  • Lays his head on my shoulder for a half second.
  • Perks up, and begins to examine me. My face, my neck, my shirt, my hair. He just rubs his little fingers all over my face, sometimes grabbing my nose or lip and getting a good pull in.
  • After several minutes he stops. He puts his hands on my cheeks, looks me straight in the eyes, opens his mouth and attacks my nose or chin.

It’s the most slobbery and slightly odd part of our day but boy am I going to miss it one day. I would like to believe it’s his form of kisses (tisses). 😉  My son is down right precious.

See what I mean?



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