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Munchie Monday : health nut in training

First off…what’s a Munchie Monday? Adam came up with it to be honest. He told me lots of things happen with me involving food (not in a mean way) and I’d probably always have something to write about. So I’m doing Munchie Monday as a day to write about anything food related…maybe a recipe I like, maybe a food flop (which happens…oh, I don’t know like every week), maybe something about Emerson’s food…just whatever! No rules! My favorite way to do things! 😉 Oh, and I will do this as consistently as possible but let’s be real…I’ll skip a few.

So secondly, I am nowhere near a health nut. I am however trying to learn more about making snacks and other foods at home instead of buying so many processed foods. A lot of my practice is on snack type foods (snackies) because Emerson will be eating them in the future but I have a while to perfect them before I get a very honest consumer. I also make his baby food (as I have mentioned before) and am trying out other things as I go. So why do all of this? It’s a lot of work! For one it’s actually WAY cheaper! My favorite home made snackie at the moment is granola bars and I can make the equivalent of two store bought boxes for less than a dollar, and they taste so so yummy! Also, it’s great to get all of the “extras” out of his food. I know they won’t kill him but I also know it’s better for him not to have them. Our fave site currently for tons of homemade snacks, baby food, and even adult meals is Weelicious . It rocks, check it out if you haven’t. You should also check out our current favorite granola bars at my friends blog here . She does a recipe round-up every now and again (which is how you can find the gb since I don’t know how to do the link that way) and has some yummy recipes!

Other health nut-ish things…

We eat LOTS of veggies and not quite so much meat, cheese, carbs, and sugary stuff! There was a time I didn’t think you could make a meal without that stuff AND some sugary dessert, and casseroles, pot pies, pasta, and sweets were a staple! I am learning how to cook with veggies I never knew about and I love it! haha Like I said we are NOT really health nuts but we certainly don’t eat junk too, too often anymore. Well..Adam has his bag of chips and a pop now and again but he has even jumped on board with healthiness! And I personally have developed such a liking for veggies that many times I crave a sweet red pepper or carrots as a snack instead of chocolate now….but not always. 😉 And sometimes Sonic happy hour is still calling my name…. Hey, it’s all about a moderation.

I think some of our main things that we do are with Emerson while he is little. We want to establish a healthy eater and THEN bring other things into the mix. We aren’t anti pop or anti candy forever, but for now it’s a NO. NO. NO. He’ll get good, healthy snacks for while and later on we will add the other stuff…well, pop might be a longer wait but eventually he can have a little here and there.

I suppose the last thing is the big organic craze. I’d love to jump on this band wagon but let’s just be honest, it’s a bit (a lot) pricey! I have learned there are certain ways to save when buying organic and certain things that aren’t worth the $. Other than that I’m still checking into it and currently still looking at the organic milk and eggs with sticker shock. Got any good tips for me? I did find a few here after searching the term “organic” on this blog. She gives lots of tips on how to save! I also have found at our local grocery store that many organic veggies that they don’t sell enough of go on “managers special”. They are still look perfect and are SUCH a steal. I got a pack of 4 red bell peppers for 99 cents the other day! I was pumped. (anyone else get a little too excited about a good deal?)

Anywho, that’s how we are becoming very lax “health nuts”.


Have a Happy Monday!


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