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Park it.

Have mentioned lately that the weather is awesome right now!? Lots of time to go for walks or go to the park…hopefully we’ll make it to the zoo soon as well! Emerson is a park kind of guy at the moment, and I am pretty sure that he would rather be outside than anywhere else. He is the kiddo that wants to be moving as much as possible and since he can’t technically move on his own yet…somebody else should be moving him around ( in his mind ). Outside is the one place that he is ALWAYS happy…even sitting still. He loves it, daddy and I love it. So basically we go outside any moment we are able.

Emerson took his first ride down the slide this past week and I’m not too sure he’s convinced that he likes it yet but he does enjoy a good swinging. Whether on a lap or in the baby swing he’s a smilin!

We have met several friends while at the playground. This week a little girl (who I did get the name of but I never quite understood her) came up and wanted to see Emerson. She was a cute little three year old whose birthday is, by her estimation, “the day I turn 4, that’s when I turn 4”. Very wise. She spent quite the long time entertaining us with her Crayola backpack (that I called pink and was corrected sternly…apparently it was purple..but it was pink), her butfy (butterfly) doll and her trip to the zoo. Yes, we heard all about the taywafs, zebwas, and peengins…it was a wonderful story. She was seriously adorable and gave me a little glimpse into the future. Can I tell you how cute it’s going to be when Emerson says stuff like that. SO DARN CUTE! I don’t even know if I want him to learn to speak properly it’s so cute. Okay, I do. A fifteen year old asking for a dwink might be a bit odd. Yeah…

Well, let me show you our adventures!

This is our about to go to the park and we decided to take a big kitchen spoon with us. And Adam…well I don’t know. Ha!

Eat daddys face for a moment

Notice the spoon on the ground. 😉

Had to pull out the pool hat so he didn't get a sunburn.

I realize a lot of these pictures are basically the same but he is so adorable I couldn’t pick just one! 🙂 Loving this weather and excited for many more park days with our Little Meester!

Have a wonderful Friday friends!


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climbing trees and other boy-ish things

For as long as I can remember Adam has said with his face lit up, “I can’t wait until our kids are old enough to play”. That was before we had kids so now of course it’s specific to Emerson. He loved…no he liked the tiny baby stage (loves the baby, not the stage), but is all but jumping up and down with excitement for E to enter the stage where they can really play together.

Our sweet baby is getting bigger and as mommy is tearing up each time he reaches a new milestone daddy is filled glee (the most manly of glees of course). The look on his face is priceless as he teaches Emerson things or makes him laugh.

While Adam has looked forward to this for years, I have looked forward to watching him be a daddy to a playful little boy. It’s actually incredible the way little kids are drawn to him. He doesn’t try. He doesn’t make faces or try to coax them into building a fort or doing something cool…it’s like they just look at him and know that this guy looks like someone who can play! He can. He is a master fort-builder, hide and seeker, chaser, let’s get the bad guys player (yes, my grammar is wonderful), and can create a toy or gun out of just about anything…he has the imagination of…I don’t know someone with a REALLY REALLY good imagination. 😉

So, I am so very excited to see this all fall into place. To see Emerson realize that he has the world’s best playdate and dad that we could ever imagine.

I am also going to have to shut my eyes at the things he teaches E that I don’t understand…like climbing a tree (what if he falls), or camping (gross), playing with frogs..bugs….(ick), or tricks on his bicycle (falls again), or whatever else those two think up (I’m sure it will be wonderful).

Yes. I’ll shut my eyes tightly.

Very tightly…and be thankful for this amazing father our little boy gets to grow up with.


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