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Emerson woke up from his nap with a little something extra…

He wasn’t terribly happy to have his paci suctioned to his face. I personally thought this was adorable.


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Tell me about it…

So E love this truck he got from his Nene and uncle Kevin. He enjoys playing with it as long as it doesn’t make that one noise…the one that sounds like the vacuum, then we don’t enjoy the truck so much…

This pic is E after activating “the noise” and crawling to me in tears, and proceeding to point to the truck and tell me all about it.


Poor truck is getting a pretty bad rap around here.


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Don’t know about you…

But we like the zoo!

W go to great lengths to protect our eyes and skin (but not for long…those sunglasses are sweaty!).

We like to watch the animals swing…

We get kisses there too…

and play peekaboo…

but our very favorite is the penguins!

Even mommy and daddy sneak in a quick pic (a penguin tried to join and made my hair “bump” look rather large).

We see….(?)

and sometimes we go with friends…

Oh yes, we like the zoo.


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Wordless Wednesday: We rock the rat tail, we rock the wedge ;)

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Wordless Wednesday: Random Cuteness


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Not possible.

I had a really out of the blue random thought a few weeks ago that just 100% flipped me out, made my chest hurt, couldn’t write about it for two weeks because it disturbed me so much.

You may think this is crazy that this little thought did all that.

I was rocking my sweet little baby boy and as he fell asleep I decided I don’t have thousands more times to just sit and rock left so I’m not going to put him down quite yet. That sweet thought led me to another. He’s going to be a little boy soon. That’s a little overwhelming. Not a baby anymore. But still precious and little. Then (and I should have stopped there) the whopper hit me. Out of nowhere, without permission, the thought of my little, sweet, baby voiced, baby skinned, precious Emerson having….a mustache! And then came the thought of chest hair and a beard, followed by a deep voice and …. the thoughts ran away in a direction that was not good at that moment.

I honest to goodness have never thought of having a young man in that kind of way! I know that logically things kind of naturally head in that direction but until that day in the glider I always, always, ALWAYS thought of him “growing up” as being like…eight years old. THAT’S IT. Facial hair. I almost want to gag and cry. It’s just not possible.

That’s so dramatic, I am aware. But FACIAL HAIR?!? That means his little boy-ness will be dissolved away. I am not possibly the only person who only thought of a child when thinking about having kids? I mean you do say, “we are ready to have KIDS”! Not little adults that need razors!


Maybe it won’t happen.


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The Bean

Before you proceed…know that I realize how ridiculous this post is AND that you may not laugh because maybe it’s one of those “you just had to be there” moments.

(Plus I forgot to post it so it actually happened approximately two weeks ago.

Okay, go.


I am cooking. Getting ready to leave for the staff wives retreat and making some chili for Adam. At the same time I am making pop tarts and nilla wafers. And a pizza.

It’s a mess.’s a disaster area.

I drop a bean on the floor.

Many, many other things are on the floor.

About ten minutes later this conversation happens:

Adam: (as I continue stepping over the bean) You do realize that bean is still on the floor?

Me: Yes. It’s not cleaning time. 😉

A: Are.You. SERIOUS?!

M:Yes. (with a smirk) (we clean a little differently…at the end of his cooking, the kitchen is already clean..if only)

A:You are ridiculous.

M:I know.;)

A: Arggg. (or something like that sound)

A few minutes later Adam enters the kitchen and announces he will “step over the bean”. Very sarcastic tone people.

M: Thanks. 🙂

I love his acceptance of my ridiculous kitchen behavior…


I know you want to see the bean:

Then sick, half-dressed, Emerson “sits” on the bean so we made up a song about sittin on a bean. He was ecstatic about his new bean song.

Fun times.


Have a lovely day.

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