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Sauertines Day 2012

If you’re not up with what Sauertines day is you can read last years post (tagged Sauertines) or here is a brief overview.

Adam and I are not fans of the craziness of Valentines…so we made our own version of it to be celebrated in April. Take that Hallmark. No cards allowed (although sweet letters are well received).


Last year was so fun and we were so pumped for this year. Do you ever have those moments when you are talking with someone and the plan you have in your mind way ahead of time is totally unrealistic? Well, that was us this year. We thought about going to a Bed and Breakfast (with nobody to watch our son) and all this other nonsense until we decided that having a baby has changed what constitutes a great date. It used to be something very thought out, special, romantic but still fun…blah, blah, blah. Then we had a baby. Now just having alone time to be spontaneous and have a real conversation in a non-hushed tone is a wonderful time! Funny how things change!

This year we had a plan and at the last minute ditched it and headed downtown to see where we ended up. We walked and held hands (another thing that becomes less often when you are also holding a baby)…I think that by itself could have made the date but we headed to dinner and found a cute little cajun place called Red Bone. It was pretty tasty and I love the downtown restaurant atmosphere…ours had garage doors that open so you’re inside but sorta outside. Fun. 🙂 After our bites we wandered around until we found a unique little park with climbing walls and a ridiculously long slide. Going down that slide face first may have been the most frightening thing I have done in quite sometime. It was good fun. Then we attempted to find the library (you’d have to know Adam to know why that is a great addition to a date) and stumbled upon an art gallery. We were just turning to leave when the sweetest, most passionate about art (and quilting) older woman began to tell us ALLLL about the art and the special Jews in Arkansas area. She was too cute to turn down so we went on in. Adam actually enjoyed the Jewish area (I could have called that) and for some reason some really cute headbands for babies were being sold and I almost bought one for the little girl we don’t have. ha  🙂

We walked more and talked and looked for a little coffee shop that we never found. It was the best, most random date we have had in such a very long time!

We had several more pics of us goofing off at the park but they are nowhere to found…:( Adam did have a couple of the “senior pics” he took on his phone though. Of course those made it. lol


Happy Sauertines Day.


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Sauertines Day! – Part 2

A few weeks back I posted part 1 and explained what the heck “Sauertines Day” is so I’ll spare you the details. 🙂 Part 2 is the surprise that Adam planned for us. It was such a fun day! This girl loves 2 things (well more, but these 2 are pretty big)…

1. Shows. Musicals, plays, things of that nature

2. Road trips! I LOVE to get in the car and go somewhere…even if just for the day. We have been know (when gas isn’t astronomically priced) to just drive around and explore during date nights. It’s fun. 🙂

So, now that you know that you will know how perfect the day Adam planned was. He drove me to Columbus (okay, please don’t think I’m crazy if it was actually Cleveland…my memory is very poor right now…but still, a road trip) and took me to see the Mary Poppins musical! (Another fun fact: Mr. Hansome Sauer is a master at remembering things I say I used to do or watch as a youngster and keep his eye out for those things..such as Mary Poppins)

It was a very fun day together! We even stopped at Big Boy’s, the burger type place which we had never been to and had some of the yummiest food including spiced apples! Gonna be honest, didn’t know those existed outside of TV dinners. 😉  Mary Poppins was incredible and it was the Broadway version so it was very well done…Adam spent the majority of the time watching the lights and trying to figure out special effects which is always adorable and I just sat with a smile on my face because I have such a wonderful man in my life and the day (everyday) with him was awesome!

Whoo! MP here we come!

Sauertines Day 2011 complete.We had two very fun and special days together, although there are no days with Adam that aren’t fun and special because he’s just my very best friend AND I happen to love him a whole bunch!Lucky girl right here. Adam + Kristin = ❤

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Sauertines Day-part 1 :)

If you know Adam and I well at all you know we do things a little goofy sometimes…Sauertines Day could be one of those times. 🙂

We all know about Valentines day… a sweet day for sweethearts where we can all show our love and affection for eachother.  Maybe I’m crazy, but it also seems to be a day that can lead to unfullfilled expectations, really busy restaurants that kill the mood, and a whole lot of pressure. I mean, how do you measure up to the guy who is just a natural romantic and always has the best plans while other men have the exact same intentions but only comes home with a box of chocolates. And what about the couples who are uninterested in showing love to eachother 364 days of the year but do something for V-day? We should all react to intentions and not how large or small the gesture but it doesn’t seem to always turn out that way.  I mean…it just seems exhausting to me.  And being the girl in this relationship all I ever had to do is mention that to Adam and he was all about pretty much skipping the day all together. So, besides maybe a card that is what we do…we skip it.

Am I crazy? I don’t’s possible. Let me say that of course I have nothing against anyone who celebrates that glorious day and even know a few people that claim it as their favorite day of the year…I love those people! I don’t think they are silly or that it means less for them, it just isn’t for us. So..what do we do without a Valentines day? Well, we try our very hardest to show the love for one another everyday…we set up silly little things like a small mailbox for love letters and we have date night each week (we’ll see how that plays out with a new baby) and I am very aware of how blessed I am with a man who has natural gift of being romantic. He loves to surprise me and do sweet things and I love to do the same for him! I must admit however that over the years as we become more busy and try harder to stick to a budget we began to think that at least one day set aside each year isn’t so bad. It isn’t a lack of intention but time just seems to fly by. So, we decided to create…Sauertines Day! I know…very silly..dorky..whatever you want to call it but we created a V-day on another day to avoid crowds, jacked up prices, and all the pressure.

So this year for my surprise to Adam I took him on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (he can’t remember ever going on a train and wanted to experience that) and then we got off in a cute little town, had lunch and went to a used book store and had coffee (used book stores are one of his fave places and well he’s a coffee addict so good combo). It was  a lot of  fun! 🙂

Listening to the historic info about the area

Adam checking things out

First time (that we know of) on a train

I love that man so much and I am so thankful for him!


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