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Tonight I cried.

Went to youth tonight. Adam told a story… A sweet, wonderful story that I love about our love. I am prone to getting a little teary-eyed when he does this but tonight…well… As he began the story he really hadn’t gotten that far into it when the 190 students (im sure not every one but most) began turning to look at me saying “ahhh” and I began to tear up as I sat dead center of the room. Luckily for me the story should have and did stir up my emotions so i had a good cover but tears rolled down my face for a different reason. God blessed me with the man on stage because I never ever ever want to be the woman on stage! I’ll cheer from the sidelines my whole life but please, PLEASE turn eyes off of me. Can you believe it. All welled up, a couple tears spilling over because I wanted to run and hide from all the attention! And it’s good attention! It’s happened before and I typically laugh so I don’t know why tonight. But tonight I cried.
Good gravy.

P.S. thank God for the man who exceeds my dreams and is willing to talk so proudly about me. And thinks its cute that I get so nervous when he does. 🙂 I love you Adam!

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