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Shhh…I’m hiding

Emerson loves to hide behind his curtain. He’s basically invisible back there.

IMG_6073 IMG_6074Emerson??


Oh there you are!? Sheesh, I was beginning to worry! 😉

You are just the best little “hider”.

IMG_6072 IMG_6070 IMG_6066




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E-phants at the zoo

Praise the sweet Lord we had a warm enough day to go outside and do something fun! As soon as I heard 70 degrees I knew we were headed to the zoo!
It raised quite the excitement now that Emerson can identify several zoo animals along with their “noise”…even a couple I had no idea he knew! Nice to know that he goes somewhere else and is being taught there too! Yay!
Okay so the BIG must see for him was the e-phant (I’m hoping you can figure that out). We got there a little before our friends and journeyed right to the elephant and just stared…in awe. After that he said e-phant? off and onfor about the entire trip.
Ooohhhh I’ve been waiting with sweet anticipation for the day he’d actually realize where we were and that we didn’t drive to 20 minutes to go for a walk! He noticed so many of the animals and it was cute cute CUTE to see his excitement. I LOVE being this boys momma! Emerson also walked around the zoo for the first time and did a super job following the bigger kids lead. What a champ!

This happened with zero prompting. He saw the whole and well…what else would go there!?



If you can’t tell (which you can’t from his very serious faces in pics), there was much excitement on this zoo day. 😉

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