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Sleepyhead rises

I’ll never want to forget the way E looks when he wakes up. Groggy, snuggl-icious, sweet, just adorable times adorable time precious.  😀

Just look at him..

IMG_6191 IMG_6198 IMG_6204 IMG_6206 IMG_6217 IMG_6222 IMG_6229

Don’t mind my toe in that last one (although it is freshly pedicured which is rare so maybe you should take note of it).

But really. Couldn’t he just steal the world from you with that cuteness? And he doesn’t just snuggle with pillows and bears..he will give all kinds of sweet toddler lovin to anyone within arms reach.

LOVE it.



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Dinnertime with a toddler..

Tonight daddy was at FSM getting his preach on while E and I stayed home. I made us two very delish, very different meals and we sat down to enjoy.
I was literally looking at him thinking “wow. This is a really pleasant meal being that its with a toddler.” At that very moment Emerson flung his plate of stir fry up, and over..right into my salad. 😦 raspberry chicken salad with stir fry… Yuck. As I stared at my plate in shock I felt him sweetly lay a chewed up, slobbery, green bean on my arm and I looked up in time to see him give me a big grin with a look of pride in what he’d just accomplished. Sigh..

Never let down your guard when eating with a toddler.
It’s a trick.

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