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A five minute snapshot.

This parenting thing is hard. I bet you had no idea. 😉 The twos have been upon us for a while but these past two weeks Emerson has really upped his level of unstable. Bless his heart. 😉
It’s a whirlwind mixed in with the sweet moments that remind how dear this tornado child is to me. I need those moments. I try desperately not to sigh at him in exhaustion or let him know just how UP TO HERE I am with his behavior because he’s a tender little heart. He’s learning our world. Our ways. I can imagine he sighs his own number of times a day out of his own self imposed exhaustion.
That’s a good word. Just in five minutes…
Emerson woke from nap screaming as he has does since we were in the hospital. He’s two now, have I mentioned that. Some days he wakes happy. Other days…other days I know immediately I wish it were bedtime.
PS I’m a good mom. A mom who loves my child. A mom who’s sits and plays for hours. I’d take this craziness any day because I do get to be his mom, and that rocks. This is also reality.
So today after nap I pleasantly said:
“Emerson. Do you know what today is? Today is Thursday. ”
Emerson replied, ” NO!” With minimal whimpering about this horrid news. “I not like Thursday! Nooo!”
This traumatic news has brought on tears after thinking about it for ten seconds…tears.
“But honey that’s not a bad thing, it is just the day of the week. It’s Thursday” (happy tone, Thursdays aren’t terrible, right?)
Flailing, kicking, rolling on the kitchen floor, screaming “It’s not Thursday! It’s not! It’s not! I no like that! It’s not Thursday!”
I mean…who knew? Thursdays are the new Monday?
This ended with sobbing and a trip to calm down town sitting in his room for a few minutes. And that sums up that five minutes.
How do I equally want to die laughing over the ticking time bomb that tantrums are and also hate them with a passion.
Two years old. It’s the cutest, most high energy craziness ever….ever.

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To the potty we-a-go!

This hasn’t been the most awesome week ever (heck, its been crazy) BUT something that I’m still convincing myself is awesome happened! (It is, it really is?)
(A tad bit of TMI is coming your way…you’ve been warned) 😉 Mr. Emerson started the week with a narly ehemm..rash on his bum so we needed some nakey time to “air out”. I thought I’d give “use your potty” a try so I didn’t have to clean pee pee of the floor. I mean I’m pretty sure nobody likes that. Long story short, I couldn’t find Emerson for a sec and realized he was using his potty and proceeded to continue doing so the remainder of the day! What.!?
After that surprise (and LOTS of praises and maybe a few treats) we just went with it and started using the potty except for sleeping times.
Wait. What? You’re using the potty!?!??!!
So I guess we are potty training?
I was SO not ready for this and honestly didn’t think Emerson was either! Wrong mom. Wrong. So does he get credit for training himself or what?
Ummm? Sure.
I have learned a couple things:
Treats rock. The excitement of going potty wheres off but tiny treats for doing so? Not so much.
Poopy needs more than a treat, and an insane amount of encouragement ( that I’d never want to be seen publicly). The first #2 treat was big boy undies. It was a tough choice for the kid.


We eventually chose Cars and hoorayed ourselves out of the store. 😉
Lastly. Be excited! And for E, tell him to show his toys how to “go”. He loves to teach his new skill.
I’m not sure what else I’ve learned…I mean he’s really teaching me since I had not prepared for this!
So yeah, I think…ready or not (not) we are potty training!



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Phone pic time!

Everyone needs a good short phone pic post sometimes!

I am mourning pool season coming to an end soon. Say it ain’t so:(


There are few things I enjoy more than tiny people playing together.. Watching Diego and lunch at the zoo;)



Family date! First movie (Emerson did not move a muscle for 1.5 hours) followed by some ice cream.

Our newest friend (‘s nose), Diego the dinosaur. He wears big boy dinosaur undies and steels all the snuggles.

Talent people. Talent.

Two years and counting with the tot who refuses to smile. He’s still cute.;)

And who can resist and night run with the tambourin?

Have a happy day y’all!;)

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Wordless Wednesday:All in a days play









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Fire truck truck station

E and I, along with our neighbors took a stroll to the fire truck truck station (emersons words)for the first time last week. Emerson was happy, overwhelmed, curious…down right excited!




I just love watching as he experiences new things! He is so super observant and curious. It was fun as he exclaimed each part of the truck. Hose! Flashing lights!! You get the idea. 😉
Love our little cutie. 🙂

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Tick tock

Time is flying by! All of the sudden there are fewer hours in the day! Right!? This mom thought summer was going to be laid back with lots of lazy days…not so my friends! We been swim lesson-ing (forgive my “-ings”), having fun visitors, sluggishly heading to workout, sending Adam on many a trip with many a student, getting ready for vaca, cleaning the house for home studies (home studies!!! Yay!), lots of fun!



Hello! That’s precious…falling asleep with grandpa:)

Game night with our neighbor friends. Thank you close houses and monitors!

Can I tell you how cool it is that bub can chat with friends in India!?


That’s our boy…always compliant with the pictures 😉


Hubs is Guatemala bound….at 4 in the morning. For some reason I needed to capture my sleepy face. Who knows.

Every good week includes a little ice cream:)

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Wordless Wednesday: fun all around












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And the class clown award goes to…

I’m certain I don’t have the worlds only child who LOVES attention and will go out of his cute little way to get it. Certainly not.
But we do have a potential class clown in the making. We don’t really wave and stare when we go out to eat, but mr. Funny does look slyly out of the corner of his eye with a huge grin while he dramatically chomps down a fry. Because yes, the cute couple next to us is watching and laughing. And even if they aren’t, well…he’s unaware of that. He carefully balances things on his head in a check out line or runs his car up a strangers arm whose just within reach. He has the gift of laughing so hard at himself and knowing in his head that the whole wide world is watching that who really cares if anyone really is.
He’s funny for sure.
He’s going to get me called into the school office one day, I just know it.
I’ll still love him. 😉 and I’m betting his dad will be proud of him for whatever funny stunt he pulled.
How many times will we tell this clown “no son” as we are holding up a book or menu or drink and trying desperately to hide our belly laughs!?




I just can’t quite figure out where he gets it? 😉

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Thank you bed time…you’re a great reminder.

This is short and sweet…but only sweet because of my baby boy.
Today was one of those mom days where I could have handed him to just about anyone to get a second alone. Within reason, don’t freak out.
That did not happen. I honestly had to blink away tears and I couldn’t even explain why. Just one of those days I suppose…one when you know you need to just get over it and focus on the big picture. He did nothing specific..we played and sang and did it all…and all with my bad attitude on board.
Then bedtime came. Oh glorious bedtime. And then it happened like it always does when I’m about to put him down. I realize in just a moment I will lay him down and I will instantly miss him. Instantly. And to put the cherry on top we had our first moment of giggling while whispering “I love you” over and over. Sigh.. In that moment I remembered all of the times today that I’d not paid enough attention, or had gotten frustrated (because almost two can be like rubbing a cheese grater on your knees)…and I remembered that I always tell myself to not take these little years for granted, but I did. (Maybe I should blame this on the fact that I can’t find my “Loving the Little Years” book) 😉 I took today for granted and it was not worth it. It never would be.
I’m not beating myself up, just an honest parenting moment.. But tomorrow won’t be like today. Tomorrow I’ll rely on the Lord as I parent and not just myself. Weird how I just forget sometimes.

Great is His faithfulness; His mercies are afresh each morning.
Lamentations 3:23


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Spring-like days

Ahh, the warmth of spring after chilly winters…glorious. Even the 55 degree days warrant trips anywhere outdoors. Not that we just struggle through winter or anything! I vowed not to complain about cold after living in Ohio. It is supposed to snow there this week! It’s mid March people! Oh no. I’m fine with our chilly winters that have random days of beauty. I will not complain. But who can blame a girl for jumping up and down when the temps raises a little? We have a few months now to enjoy the outdoors before the days of heat where you may as well just plunk yourself in your child’s little blow-up pool. Sorry kiddo…here’s the hose. 😉
So our first semi-warm-still-need-a-coat day we headed to the zoo with friends. The hubs was off the next day so guess what we did that day!? The zoo. Two words. Zoo. pass. 🙂


As miserable as he looks, he’s actually saying “cheese” and sort of smiling. And okay…that first day was still cold ish but it was lots of fun.
The second day we snagged an extra kid and him and Emerson had a great time…as did Adam and myself.


Adam made their lunches. CUTE.

Aren’t they just the cutest?:)

Thank you semi warm spring ish weather!

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