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That one time I had my kid in a head lock.

So some days with toddlers are just down right comical, no?

Mine is especially good at knowing the absolute best time to make a fool of himself. I’m not going to pretend here…sometimes when he screams mid-store, I walk several feet away and pretend to read labels. Mm-hmmm. He is LOUD. And “reasoning” is not a thing with him. Whispering in his ear used to work but uhhh- nah. Boy is outside his pretty little mind. And don’t hate me for being the mom that lets him scream..families gotta eat…and when he gets too out of control ( which is rare) I calmly leave the store. We just GET OUT. Plus I’m smart enough to only go when it’s not busy…except that one time I forgot it was Superbowl Sunday.


Some of you have seen this and others see him in his many sweet moments and think he’d just never ever do that. NEVER.

Well yesterday took the cake. I told him we were going to the dr. to see why he had a sudden rash on his face and this is what he heard…”you are getting a shot. it’s probably going to make you cry more and hurt more than any other thing on planet earth so better start screaming….right now.” (I’m assuming that’s what he heard and thank Β you to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for teaching him about shots yesterday) What transpired was comical. And ridiculous. I bear hugged the screamer to get off his clothes and then twisted us both up in a knot to try and get that god-forsaken gown with alll the strings on his tiny but surprisingly strong body. And then I calmly threw that gown on the table.

Now I know that at our Dr. you can hear every scream…so the 5 full minutes of this must have been something and I half expected someone to burst through the door and see what was happening. At one point I told him he needed to to stop screaming. His sweet reply in an alarmingly loud voice was, “I DO WANT TO SCREAM! IT IS TIME TO SCREAM! RAWW! RAWW! RAWWWWWWWWWW!” Oh my gracious son. GET.A.GRIP. I wish I could type out the volume of those “raww’s”. They are his loudest scream. And still not a soul seemed to mind.

And then I scooped up the precious little child and held him…as he screamed and then…wait for it….he HEAD BUTTED ME. This really happened. And as he began to throw that tiny, forceful head back to do it again, I swiftly threw my arm around him and put him in a head lock (gently, mind you. just enough to stop the force of his head on mine). I sat straight faced with my screaming son in a “head lock” and THAT is the moment the doctor walked in. That moment. He honest to God acted like he’d seen this a million times…”not happy to be at the doctor are ya?” he says with a smile and proceeds. I have to just love that reaction. Not even phased..And as quickly as it all began he was done and happy go lucky again. Pheww.

Some days I am convinced that to become a bonified adult someday, tiny little two year olds have to be slightly “mental” first…like some sort of initiation. Bless them.

This is just our real life that I thought I would share amidst the cute pictures. I will probably never forget the day I put my kid in a head lock.


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Our house of yummy.

Target…the most wonderful getaway for a mom during the day (pretzel for him, latte for me..anddddd….browse), in addition to CFA and the zoo. So back to target…they now have the beautiful “cartwheel” app making it even more fun to go! So one day we used our app and purchased our very first gingerbread house! I was SO excited to bust this thing out with E.
And then we forgot.
Christmas passed and the poor house just sat in the box on a shelf.
Then we all got sick.
And then we all got better.
And then we all got the flu.
And THEN, after days inside going CRAZY I found the house!
Let’s bust this thing out!
So we got the house out.
In my dreams we would make a beautiful, fun house. Emerson would love to decorate it. Movie type memories, right.
Ummm, your kiddo is two. TWO.
And insanely hyper from being inside sick.
Sweet boy got one lick of that frosting and HOLY bananas…it.was.on.



Before the taste…
And then (this pic is blurry but..) the house fell and the first eye opening taste of icing hit his mouth.


He was done.

So I gave in and we ate our flu cookies.
Best flu cookies ever.



So much better than building a house!

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being emerson

Emerson is a son and brother. A friend. Caring, and thoughtful. A wonderful helper. Full of energy and love. He’s passionate and strong. Emerson is described as a “go hard or go home” child.

But what does this child do all day?

In mostly pictures, here are some things he has done lately.

Emerson loves painting. He’d so far choose it over any toy, book, or other activity so we tend to get our artsy craftsy on quite often.

IMG_6889 IMG_6894 IMG_6911 IMG_6914

IMG_7177Silliness. You could never spend a day with our firstborn without tremendous amounts of silliness. Even when asking him things like, “What color is this?” He will still say every color in the rainbow other than the one he knows it is just to be silly…and he will laugh with a sly look on his face the entire time. Getting dressed, leaving home, walking down a hall…they all require a whole lot of flexibility, but in a good way. We’ve learned he’s not always being “disobedient” he just does everything with his own personality. So we dance to the car, or hide from people at Barnes and Noble (and freak them out) as we go to the bathroom. Silliness.

IMG_7167 IMG_7333 IMG_7437

IMG_1750 IMG_1292 d5f67826-dd93-44f2-a252-84d2c0c4d7be 541ee956-90aa-452e-8fcd-8c28d402b66e 76f488b0-8e26-44e1-a5d4-ee0b15001a07


We are still trying hard to figure out where all that silliness comes from…IMG_1264
Emerson is really, REALLY helpful. He will drop almost anything (besides painting) to help. He regularly asks to help put away or wash dishes, vaccum, help feed Micah, drive (umm, no). I love his love to he a helper and that right now it is so fun!

IMG_7211IMG_0024IMG_1098 IMG_1883

We have spent many days doing little “dates” lately! Little boys who are used to all of the attention on them really should still have all of the attention on them sometimes!

IMG_1272 IMG_1473 IMG_1588 IMG_1639 IMG_1656 IMG_1678 IMG_1746


Okay…Micah is still there sometimes. πŸ˜‰

There are moments I look at Emerson and get a glimpse of the compassionate, loving, helpful, silly, man he will one day be. He is supremely thoughtful, loves deeply and adores his family and his little friends. I have to thank God each day for the many gifts we already see in our sweet boy.

Being Emerson must be really fun. πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!



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I could hear the wiggles and giggles..

This past Tuesday we got this note from Emerson’s childcare workers..

If you didn’t catch it, he pooped AND pee peed his pants. Sweet boy has been to childcare six times with no accidents and then both in one day. The time (which I appreciate) of the poo was approximately oh..9 seconds after I dropped him off and I don’t know 45 seconds after I’d just taken him potty. Stinker. Literally.
Bless those teachers for how sweet they were as I picked him up and for still putting smiley faces on his sheet.
I swear all things are erased by cuteness and a tender spirit.
When I picked him up he was focused on cleaning the room with his teachers. They said when they started to clean he grabbed a paper towel and began singing the clean up song. Ugh. He’s too precious! And we did not leave until he felt he’d fulfilled his cleaning quota…boy was in the zone.
If you never noticed I love this boy so much. I think the things he does are about the cutest things on this planet.
So after I read about his potty mishaps I reread that note and when it said he wiggled and giggled on the mat I laughed out loud..and Adam laughed out loud. We could totally hear and see the wiggles and giggles. The distinct sound of his excited laugh mixed with his look of “this is the most exciting, cool thing ever” filled my head and I knew just how that time on the mat went. E had no intention of sleeping when, HELLO! He’s on a mat with friends! Who would sleep through the funnest life event possible!
I love being able to instantly envision his little reactions and know how fun that was for him! Those wiggles and giggles are the best. πŸ™‚ And who remembers potty problems after all that other stuff?

Thank you God for this precious little life. πŸ™‚


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Is that our baby?

For several months people close to us have begun to ask, “how does Emerson feel about having a baby brother or sister?”. At the time we hadn’t really mentioned the possibility to him. Our tender hearted little man was less than two at the time and we didn’t think he could understand yet, and certainly didn’t want to disappoint him. How exactly do you tell a small child who adores looking at pictures of his pregnant mommy that he may get a baby brother or sister soon. Or maybe not soon. And that, no the baby will not be in mommy’s belly which is his most basic understanding of where babies come from. How?

One day we went out on a limb and asked him, “Emerson, would you like a baby brother or sister?” His lively reply of “YES!” came with a lot of ease since we’d never explained it to him. “Emerson, would you like a noodle or a snail for your baby brother or sister?” “YES!” Okay. Got it. We are at ground zero on this topic.

Following that “conversation” we have begun to tell him more about siblings and to show him in his own world some examples of friends who have little sister or a big brother. In a few weeks time he began to understand that concept a little more and have less concern for noodle brothers. So that’s good, right?

Now we have begun to tell him that we don’t know when but he will one day be a big brother. We don’t amp this story up and get him all excited because that would be really really hard to explain when he’s suddenly ready for that baby. We just wait for opportunities, whether in books or in real life to point out small examples of siblings and bringing another person in our home. We also moved him to his new big boy room and explained that maybe someday another baby will get to sleep in the crib. (dear Lord I hope we are not mutilating this process)

He seems excited at the thought of babies. When mommy actually holds them though? Maybe not so much. πŸ˜‰ Just recently we were out to dinner and I excitedly took the opportunity to hold a friends small baby boy. I just stared at him, because babies are something of a complete miracle and provoke amazement in me. As I looked on I felt a small hand touch my arm. I looked to my side and serious, small eyes met mine. “Mommy, is that our baby?” I knew in that moment that something is clicking for him. In some small way he knows that a baby is a possibility and he’s wondering which baby it is. In some small way that breaks my heart because we don’t have any tangible milestones to help it make sense, but at the same time I see a new interest in loving on and pointing out wee little ones and it warms my thoughts to know that it’s a positive thing in his mind.

I don’t know if our methods are perfect. I don’t know a lot of things in that area but I know that most children have several months to prepare. Prepare their little minds and hearts for new love, for sharing mommy and daddy, for their little world to be changed. I know those children don’t fully “get it” at Emerson’s age but they have the chance to know something and I believe he should too.

He has asked one other time if a baby is ours. One day I’ll say yes. Oh, how I am excited (and nervous) for that day!


P.S. I am totally open to random expert advice. πŸ˜‰

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Now I know my ABC’s

Our little boy turns 2 tomorrow (actually he’s 2 now but I somehow didn’t get this posted). I can barely believe it and at the same time he has seemed 2 for a while and ppl are often surprised he is still 1 when he says something like “I want to get down and play with my cars”. It honestly surprises me too that I can carry on a convo with a one-year old. I am sure it’s fairly normal but I think he’s brilliant.
He’s also counting to 10 (sometimes 11) and just yesterday I overheard him sing his entire ABC’s clear as day. This is something he would probably never do upon request.
This boy just blows me away! And oh by the way, him singing his ABC’s is THE CUTEST thing ever. EVER.
I’m not partial at all. πŸ˜‰

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Must attack mommy.

We once had the “I’ll never smile for a photo” child. Actually he still looks pretty focused in most pictures and I may need to reassure him when he gets older that he DID have a ton of fun as a toddler. Lately he has a new picture look. He has picked mommy to be the prize winner of this look.Β 

When asked to take a picture with mommy, this happens:

IMG_6060 IMG_6075 IMG_6076 IMG_6078 IMG_6107 IMG_6113 IMG_6232 IMG_6233 IMG_6234 IMG_6235

Apparently “say cheese” translates as “I must now go insane and I MUST attack mommy” … don’t worry, mommy attacks back. πŸ˜‰Β 



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Just a totally cutsie thing Mr. Emerson did the other night.

Adam began to sing “Oh How He Loves” to Emerson each night a long time ago (maybe from the time he was born). At first I had no clue why he decided on this song but hey it must be special so I jumped on board. So for many many months he has heard this song at bedtime and is starting to get into singing with us. He of course doesn’t know all the words but can bust out a good “OH! HOWW….” Β and a few other repeat words while we sing. He used to hum the rest but not anymore! The other night I was singing and I stopped for a second because Emerson was busting out some major words!

Sweet music to my ears as I listened to my tot sing in his sweetest most passionate of voices, ” OH! How..doggieess..applesaww..gapes, LOVES..milk.”

Who needs to hear mommy sing when E has this beautiful music to sing? It was in tune and his little voice went up and down like when we sing.

How ridiculously cute.

Thanks for that memory son. πŸ˜‰

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For a week and a day…

For a week and a day we have been SOOOO busy! I know. I know. I have one kiddo. The moms of four or more are rolling their eyes at this very moment. I gotcha. YOU are busy. But in our world…it’s been busy for us. I don’t thrive in busy-ness. I get very distracted and unorganized. Death for a mom. Like when the sweetest lady at Chick-fil-a set my freshly refilled LARGE drink down today and my hands did not beat the little hands I’m in charge of. OH. BOY. :/ Thankfully my friend who was in the line of fire was quick and avoided being soaked before her long drive home to Mississippi. Wheewww. Β I think all moms have probably had a similar moment and felt just as embarrassed…but somehow you don’t remember that when all eyes are on you. AH!

To our joy it hasn’t all been crazy like that. It’s been meeting with friends, going to games, prepping for studies, sick kids, running errands, going to parties, and all that “life” kind of busy. I’m generally a protector of “down time” so Β that “life” busy is SO good for a while but when it breaks…. HOORRAAYYYY!!!

This week we head to Oklahoma to visit family while Adam has a fun FSM retreat and I couldn’t be more excited. Emerson gets to see people who love him dearly and that’s a treasure. Busy or not.

Here’s a few pics I managed to get this past week…

IMG_4098 IMG_4105

Not so sure about his first sushi roll

Not so sure about his first sushi roll

IMG_4113 IMG_4141

The Sauers

The Sauers

IMG_4144 IMG_4155 IMG_4159 IMG_4167

Learning to put on socks

Learning to put on socks

IMG_4178 IMG_5870 IMG_5793 IMG_5800 IMG_5829 IMG_5832 IMG_5834 IMG_5854

I always laugh when I talk about being busy and then upload pics that make it look like we’ve just lounged around! lol We are obviously very into coloring, cars, choo-choos, and being a wiggle worm! Β There are many days that I’d be content to freeze him at this age because he is just SO FUN! But I have heard it just gets better so I guess I won’t. πŸ˜‰

Live this day with JOY! πŸ˜‰

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my little big boy

Today I had three different people say, “wow! he doesn’t even look like a baby now! he looks more like a big boy!”. Tear. 😦 Mom has been thinking the exact same thing latelypeople. Looking at him I just know that these are some of the last days he’ll look at all like a baby. He still does to me but there are those moment that he really does look like a full fledged “toddler”. Wow. That’s not possible right!? No. It is. It’s happening and I’ll just have to embrace that he is becoming a little big boy. He’s changing so fast I have barely been able to keep up!

Somewhere along the way he went from crying or pointing to what he wants/needs to just telling me! He says, “Here you go” and “Food please”. He says “come on” and “here you go”. Oh my goodness. I’ll have to give all of the adorable details in my next letter to him but wow. I just didn’t know when to expect all of this grown up talk and now it’s just like, BAMM!

Ha. I know I’m not alone. I know there are a million parents thinking “please stay little”…and then in the next breath as their toddler throws a toy car at their face thinks, “please grow up”. I’m not alone. And really it keeps me with a good balance of accepting the growing up but not wanting to rush it. I like that. Although a car or two less to the face wouldn’t hurt. πŸ˜‰




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