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yeah. nah.

Our little boy is blowing me away lately with the many, many things he is learning to say and do. I rarely have the Β time to sit down and write about it all because I am busy chasing around a very busy boy…and loving it I might add.

One of my favorite little things E learned a few weeks ago was to vigorously shake his head yes or no while saying, “yeah” or “nah”. It’s of course mostly random as he sometimes says “yeah” to wanting a snack and “nah” five seconds later. I can tell he is testing it out though and is extremely proud of himself when his response to a question prompts the desired outcome…such as requesting a cup of milk. The times I know for sure he means what he says is when he points at something and then very intently shakes his head while saying, “yeah, yeah!”. All with a smile.

I LOVE this stage of his budding little life! He is goofy and playful, talkative, and just so much fun to be around.

There are times that he is is a “yeah” mood and that’s all he wants to say. I take advantage of these moments…. “Is mommy pretty?..Do you love mommy?” πŸ™‚ Mommy gets a bit of a boost and baby is none the wiser.

Win, win. πŸ˜‰


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